Welcome to  web site   for  Carmunnock Community Council , which has been put together to inform both residents and non residents of the village of Carmunnock, principally on matters relative to the village and its immediate environs.

The website will host both Minutes and Newsletters of the Community Council (CC) and will also provide contact information on political representation and on matters of national and international interest.

The breadth of this website will be such that local activities, initiatives, trades and businesses can be both highlighted and promoted . Images and information relative to the village will populate the site and additional informative links may be found in our “links” drop down menu.  In “Illustrations” ,remember to click on an image to view an enlarged version, if available.

I hope that you will enjoy the website and welcome all feedback on its development.

This website is maintained and updated by Alex Tomeny.   alextomeny22@gmail.com

Contact us at      carmunnock.community.council@gmail.com                  Pathhead Rd 2

                                                            Map of Carmunnock, here

Why not become a Community Councilor. See Vid here.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. I cannot find how to object extremely strongly to recent councillors decision to allow planning on green belt !!! A little reminder that Green Belt is supposed to enhance the quality, character, landscape, setting and ice then of towns and cities !!!——AND —— protect and give access to open space within and around towns and cities ! Im Afraid it qppears glaringly obvious from those councillors’ decisions that the city of Glasgow is no longer proud to have carmunnock as it’s last remaining village as there will soon be no separation whatsoever between this village and Glasgow itself !!, Not only disappointing but pretty disgusting , Jean Cuthbertson.

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