Carmunnock Community Council is  made up of a group of disparate individuals,  both employed and retired ,  male and female,  elected and nominated.
We come together to meet and discuss matters relative to the village and its immediate environs and meet at 7pm in ,the local,  Castlemilk Hall, usually ,  on the first Monday of each calendar month. Our meetings are normally attended by one or more locally elected political representatives and are open to the public. Our minutes, together with newsletters and contact details are located on this site and printed copies may also be consulted both on the village Facebook pages and on the village noticeboard.
Feedback and information relative to the village and to this website is openly invited and encouraged.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have read in today’s Herald about the appalling situation of the ‘horse field.’
    I am the informal planning officer for Silverton and Overtoun CC in Dumbarton; I have fought many planning battles over the years, and won quite a few, including preventing Dumbarton Football Club building a new ground and stadium on greenbelt just outside Dumbarton.
    I support your cause, which seems to be the result of disgraceful behaviour by Glasgow City Council.
    I would be happy to help your fund for legal help if you can give me some contact details. Have you approached your MSP?

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