Carmunnock Community Council:Annual General Meeting.

Wednesday 6th October 2021.

Carmunnock Community Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 6th October 2021

Present: John Lawless, Marion Begg, Ashley Montague, Robert Cochrane, Derek Scott, Co. M. Morgan, Roy Laing, Simon Easton, John Cunningham, L. Cochro, Ross Belch, Co. E. Blockley, Margaret Toppin, Lucy Mcalindow, S. Roy, G. Roy, Steven Dowling, Neil Mckechnin, C. Dohelsky, R. Dohelsky, PC S. Coonay, H. Fawcey, Jeanette George, James Murray and Grant Mayward. 

Apologies: Isobel Rutter and Rodney Dennis.

Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Marion Begg and seconded by Robert Cochrane.

Chairman’s report: 

Firstly, welcome to the community council AGM and thank you for taking the time to attend. As I saw at each AGM; the meeting follows a precise format laid down in the scheme for community councils and our constitution. The agenda follows that format. 

Due to COVID, there was no AGM last year. Since our last AGM – 24th October 2019 – some changes have taken place within the village:

  • The adult gym equipment has been installed in the park. Some equipment has recently been removed but will hopefully be replaced quickly. 
  • The flooding at Busby road looks to have been fixed however flooding at Hillcrest continues to be a problem. 
  • We are still in the process of trying to access the money from the building of the Stuart Milne homes which is over £100,000. 

We would like to thank Alex Tomney for his time on the community council. His dedication and time have been appreciated by the community as a whole. 

We would like to send or condolences to the family and friends of Jim McCready. He was a respected member of the community council and will be missed.

I hope most of you had the special newsletter delivered to your homes. We can discuss any concerns later when we open the floor to questions and concerns. 

Appointment of members of committee as follows:

ChairpersonJohn LawlessDerek ScottRoy Laing
Vice ChairRobert CochraneMarion BeggJohn Lawless
SecretaryAshley MontagueRobert CochraneJohn Lawless
TreasurerDerek ScottJohn LawlessRoy Laing
Planning contactRobert CochraneMarion BeggRoy Laing
Licensing contactJohn LawlessMarion BeggRoy Laing
Area partnership leadJohn LawlessDerek ScottRoy Laing
Area partnership sub nomineeMarion BeggDerek ScottRoy Laing

Finance : Accounts have been audited by Jim Hamilton.

Balance of bank 31/8/20; £6,636.56


GCC administration grant (19/20) £394.49

Newsletter Grant £250.00

CCC Administration grant (20/21) £399.73

Area Partnership Grant – Paydmyre Lane restoration £3,000.00

Total Income £4,044.22


Wreath contribution for war memorial. (KM) £33.55

Special newsletter (Orchard)-(JL) £95.00

Defibrillator contribution £50.00

Christmas Tree installation £3,200.00

Website subscription £15.00

Christmas festival – wine & printing – Contribution £125.00

Total Expenditure £3,518.55

Balance at bank 1/09/21 £7,162.23

Council Funds Breakdown
Legal Expenses Fund£2,539.00
General Fund£4,623.23

Derek notes that the general funds will obviously go down to normal levels once the £3,000 grant is used to pay for the restoration of Paydmyre Lane.

Police Report:

PC Scott Coonay was in attendance. He is one of the community police officers for Castlemilk and Carmunnock. 

From the 1st of June to the 3rd of September there was 36 calls made to the police from Carmunnock. These calls are from people reporting a crime and not directly linked to crimes being committed in Carmunnock. Breakdown of cause of calls are as follows:

  • 5 calls were vehicle related – dangerous driving, theft of registration, abandoned vehicles. 
  • Minor neighbour disputes. 
  • Intruder alarms. 
  • Concern for persons – missing persons, dementia etc. 

From September to November there has been 8 calls. These breakdown into vehicle related crime and assisting a member of the public calls.

PC Coonay noted that in the same period Castlemilk make 400 calls to the police. He wanted to highlight the low crime levels faced by Carmunnock. He also wanted to stress the importance of looking out for our neighbours. 

PC Coonay then asked if any attendees had any questions of concerns, and two matters were raised:

  • DIRT BIKES – many people raised the concerns of dirt bikes using the fields around the village. They wanted to know the correct way to report and what details they would need to give the police. PC Coonay advised that we call 101 and to try have a description of the bike and the rider. He did also note that it has taken a while to find out who owns the land being used by the riders as this has stopped them from being able to use their own dirt bikes to monitor the area. PC Coonay highlighted the difficulty in catching the riders as they had no set routine as to when or where they would ride the bikes.
  • E-SCOOTERS – Stuart Roy raised the concern of use of e-scooters within the village. PC Coonay informed us that due to the lack of guidance around the legal use of these scooters it is hard for them to patrol and remove them from the users. Councillor X informed the community the Glasgow City Council is looking into including E-Scooters into their transport scheme, similar to the bike scheme. However, many people disagreed with this as there is such a lack of guidance and laws around the use of these machines.

PC Cooney was thanked for his support to the Community Council

Other Business:

  • SPECIAL NEWLSETTER – the members and attendees wanted to thank John for the special newsletter. It focuses on the housing development decision and our objections towards it; the date of the AGM and a very comprehensive list of stakeholders, elected representatives and councillors. 
  • HOUSING DEVELOPMENT ON GREEN BELT – during the meeting a large discussion took place around the concerns around the decision made by the Committee regarding the proposed building of homes of the green belt on Busby Road. All three councillors in attendance – Co. Euan Blockley, Co. Margaret Morgan and Co. Cunningham – agreed that the decision was the wrong one, based on the evidence they had been given and the objections that had been put to them. It was also raised that the members on the committee had to put themselves forward to be part of the specific committee meeting. Specific details are laid out in the special newsletter however our key concerns are:
  •  Inadequate notice of date and time of hearing which was unfair to interested parties.
  • Failure of committee to comply with council and government policies.
  • Competence of some Committee members
  • Allowed unplanned housing development in Green Belt without good reason being given.
  • Committee gave reasons based on supposition, personal views and preference, and not on sound planning grounds.
  • No economic justification given for the decision.
  • All the above concerns were raised and discussed during the meeting. 
  • Stuart Roy asked what the plan was for tackling this problem and what the money raised will be spent on. John outlined that the community council was waiting to hear back about what, legally, should be our next actions. The money raised will go towards getting legal advice as well as possible court of session costs. 
  • Stuart Roy also noted that there are resources that could be easily accessed that could shed insight into what can be done to fight the decision. John took note and will look out the resources to see if there is anything that is of use in this case.
  • COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING – Stuart Roy wanted his complaint about the how the first community council meeting since COVID restrictions being lifted had taken place. He was displeased at the lack of notice around when the Community Council was going to meet. As well as this, he highlighted that having Raz (the pharmacist) attend to discuss possible planning applications without other interested parties present didn’t allow for an overall view of what the community felt about the building of another unit in the conservation area. The Community Council apologised for the lack of notice around the meeting and understood why Stuart would want to be present if any formal meeting around possible building in the conservation area. He was informed that it was purely a discussion around how to apply for planning and what concerns the community council may have about the proposals. 

Next AGM Meeting: 5th October 2022.

Subject to change.