Community Council AGM Minutes Oct 13th 2022

Carmunnock Community Council Annual General Meeting

Thursday 13th October 2022

Present: J Lawless, D Scott, R Laing, PC S Cooney, J Malcolmson, M MacPherson, K Malcolmson, J Hamilton, J Hamilton, T Pendlebury, J Murray, I Rutter, H Fawcett.

Apologies: M Begg, Councillor P McCabe

The Chairman welcomed attendees to the meeting. He pointed out that the AGM followed a precise format and that the agenda reflected this. However, as was practise, given that PC Cooney was in attendance we would take the Police report first then revert to the agenda.

Police report

PC Cooney advised that there had been 39 calls from the Carmunnock area. All were minor incidents or reports including traffic matters, public nuisance and audible alarms sounding. No calls were of a particularly serious nature.

Minutes of 2021 AGM. These were proposed by D Scott and seconded by R Laing

Chairman’s Report

The subjects of my report are generally the same subjects which appear each year.

Planning. Early in the year we had to cease a legal challenge to the Busby Road development. We had a very good response from the Community in raising funds for the challenge, but this was soon eaten up by legal fees and we would have needed far more funds to proceed. Additionally, had we continued to the next stage and been unsuccessful we may have been required to pay the other side’s costs. Despite our belief that the decision was wrong and questionable, the advice we received was that there still an element of risk. Nonetheless, I would like to thank those who contributed to the legal fund.

You will be aware of another threat to the village, however there is little detail yet. There was an online consultation yesterday, but I have reservations about the purpose of this. There will be a physical consultation on 3 Nov 2022 in the Castlemilk Hall.

Roads and lighting. The Community Council, continues to make representations regarding the condition of roads, blocked drains and street lighting and has the assistance of our Councillors in resolving issues. The response of Glasgow City Council remains poor, if not unsatisfactory. We have also found that GCC has been closing reports on the MyGlasgow app with no action taken. When this was challenged, I was told that some users had problems using the app. It was not the users that had a problem it was GCC who closed the tasks. Similarly when drains are reported GCC will agree they are blocked and will be cleared at some point, then close the task. I have discussed with our Councillors, as far as I am concerned the reports should not be closed until the work is done. However, I assume that this would adversely affect their performance figures. The actions of GCC, have in my opinion, damaged the credibility of the app.

Flooding at Hillcrest is a regular complaint, GCC have stated that it will be jetted again. However, this has failed to resolve the problem in the past. Likewise with the resurfacing of the Half moon we are told it will be done at some point.

Fly tipping at Pedmyre Lane remains a problem. We have asked our Councillors for assistance with this. We would still advocate for CCTV/ Camera to be situated there to identify tippers. I am sure if one is caught and publicised then there will be a reduction in tipping.

In the past year the Community Council has assisted in our section of the Magnificent eleven and I was present at the official opening.

Earlier in the year we held a litter picking event and I would Like to thank those who took part in keeping our village clean. I would also like to thank the Gardening Group, who can be seen round the village on a Wednesday morning. Examples of their work can be seen at the Clason Hall, Cathkin Road and the Low Green.

Finally, In closing I would report the passing of one of our Councillors, Malcolm Cunning. Baillie Cunning represented the Ward for a number of years.

Treasurers Report

The accounts for 2021/22 have been submitted and approved by our auditor, Mr J. Hamilton.

It has been agreed, by the Community Council, that a fund to defend the greenbelt surrounding the village will be maintained and fund raising will continue to support this purpose.

Office bearers stand down.

The Office bearers stood down. The Chairman relinquished the Chair. Derek proposed John Lawless as Chairman, seconded by Roy Laing. John Accepted and resumed as Chairman and the other office bearers were elected as follows

J LawlessD ScottR Laing
Vice Chair

Not Filled

Ashleigh MontagueJ LawlessR Laing
Minute SecretaryProposedSeconded
Ashleigh MontagueJ LawlessR Laing
D ScottR LaingJ Lawless
Planning ContactProposedSeconded
S EastonD ScottJ Lawless
Licensing ContactProposedSeconded
J LawlessD ScottR Laing
Area PartnershipProposedSeconded
J LawlessR LaingD Scott

Signature of Constitution. This was not required

Appoint Independent Examiner. Mr J Hamilton was proposed as Independent Examiner, approved by the Meeting and he accepted.

Appoint Associate Members. None were appointed at the Meeting.

Date of 2023 AGM. The Chairman advised that the 2023 AGM would be held in October 2023. The exact date would be advised nearer the date as it depended on availability of the Castlemilk Hall.

AOCB. Some questions were raised regarding the proposed Miller Homes Development. The Chairman advised that the Community Council had issued all the information that it had. There was a general sense, amongst attendees at the AGM, that the online consultation process was not satisfactory and did not appear to be a true consultation. The Chair also noted that there was to be a physical consultation on 3 Nov 2022 in Castlemilk Hall. There was a request from some attending, for the Community Council to continue to support the community in raising their concerns about the development. The Chairman agreed to this, but also advised that the CCC is only counted as one voice in planning discussion. He continued to urge residents of the village to make their own representations during the process to ensure their views are fully counted.

Close. The Chairman closed the meeting and thanked all those who had attended.