Community Council Minutes : April 2023

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council

Monday 3rd April 2023

Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm

Present: John Lawless, Marion Begg, Ashley Montague, Simon Easton, and Councillor Catherine Vallis.

Apologies: Bailie Margaret Morgan, Councillor John Carson, Roy Lang, Derek Scott and Bailie Paul McCabe.

Police Report:

  • No police in attendance.
  • Councillor Vallis informed the CC that due to a reshuffle in the community policing department we need to be assigned a new attendee.

Minutes of last meeting: Proposed by Marion Begg and seconded by John Lawless


The city council now put the information for the community councils online.

All relevant information can be found on:


The accounts from February from Derek are as follows:

6 March 2023No transactions
Totals funds: £10,408.41Greenbelt Fund: £7,908.58General Funds: £2,499.83


  • Waterside Road planning for patio doors – no comment needed from the Community council.
  • The homes proposed to be built on Busby Road have not met any of the preconditions. Simon is going to check to see if there is a possibility of badgers on the field. Simon is also going to check every fortnight to see if any preconditions have been met.

Roads and Lighting

  • The potholes on Carmunnock road have now returned after being filled in a month ago.
  • The roads and lighting in Carmunnock are in a dire state. Please use the MyGlasgow app to report any issues.


 John has been approached several times about the 31 not turning up. He himself waited 20 minutes for a bus which didn’t turn up on time involving him having to drive himself, he then passed a bus which would have been over 30 mins late. John has asked Councillor Vallis to get a performance data from first bus on the 31 service.

Linn Area Committee

  • The next meeting is the 27th of April
  • John has applied for a grant just short of £800 for a storage container for keeping clean up and gardening material.
  • The resurfacing work on Hilcrest should be completed by October.


  • The proposed date for the Carmunnock Clean-up is the Saturday 13th May at around 10:30am, meeting at the Castlemilk hall.
  • John is going to look into sourcing a permanent Christmas Tree.
  • John emailed about the concern around Bedrock vehicles coming over the bridge, he is waiting for a reply.
  • John has enquired about the lane leading from the cross to Stuart Road and is waiting to receive the deeds.
  • An individual in Carmunnock is changing access to the Cathkin Braes by re-planting bushes, blocking entrances, using tools to damage fences that have been erected and blocking gates. The community council do not know the motives behind these actions, but hope that the perpetrator will desist in future

Next meeting Monday the 15th of May 2023 7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.