Community Council Minutes Dec 2022: Revised


Minutes of Carmunnock Community CouncilMonday 5thDecember2022


Present:John Lawless, Derek Scott, Simon Easton Ashley Montague, Councillor Catherine Vallis,BailiePaul McCabe,John CarsonandPCCooney.

Apologies:MarionBegg, CouncillorMargaretMorganandRoy Lang,

Police Report:

  • PC Cooney reported that the has been 24 calls regarding Carmunnock for relatively minorreasons such as road traffic offences, neighbour disputes and concerned person reports.This is 8 more calls than the same period last year however he did not find thisconcerning.
  • PC Cooney highlighted at this time of year it is important to make sure all doors andwindowsare locked.
  • Derek and Simon asked PC Cooney about the law regarding off road vehicles (quad bikesand motor bikes) using the fields and the Breas. PC Cooney clarified it is illegal and youshould call 101 if you hear/see these vehicles. The police are unable to pursue the driversso catching them is difficult, but they need to know when and where they are most likelytoride.

Minutes of last meeting: Due to unavailability of previous minutes. They were provisionallyapproved;anycommentstobe sent to theSecretary.


The city council now put the information for the community councils online.All relevant information can be found on:

The2021/2022Glasgow Food planhasbeen releasedandcanbefoundonlinehere:


The accountsfromOctobertoNovemberfromDerek areasfollows.

1stNov 464StainedGlassDonation Withdrawal £120
30thNov 466RemembranceDayWreath Withdrawal £35.73
30thNov 467 ChristmasLeafletPrinting Withdrawal £120
30thNov Deposits:£0 Withdrawals:£275.73
Totalsfunds:£9,763.92 GreenbeltFund: £7,908.58 GeneralFunds:£1,855.34


  • The forward planning for the Kittockside planning has disappeared from the planningwebsite.Thismaybeanerrorhowever it is unusualthat it hasbeenremoved. The full
  • planning was predicted to be put in before Christmas and has not yet been uploaded. Allthe Councillors (McCabe, Vallis, Carson and Morgan) have agreed to go against the planningwhen thetime comes.
  • John has written to Co. Morgan to check that all the conditions regarding thedevelopmentonBusbyroad arebeingmet.Co.Vallisisalsogoingtolook into this.
  • 19 Kittochside Road have put in planning permission for a double storey extension at thebackwiththree sidewindows,roofreplacement and roofbalcony.
  • Roads andLighting
  • Derek sent pictures of lampposts on the ‘MyGlasgowApp’ and they have still to betaken away.
  • Ken Mcready enquired about who requested the speed bumps that has recentlybeen put in place and John informed him that, he had been told, locals have beencomplaining about the speed intheroadforyears.
  • 6 drains have been cleared on Bankhead Road. John noted the workers werecontractors to the GCC. It was observed that there may be only one Council drainclearing machine
  • Thedrain at Hillcrest(at theoldbusstop)isto be cleared.
  • If funding for the Half Moon at Hillcrest comes from the Area Partnership thesoonest it would be done is October 2023. If it was to come from the normalbudget then the road would be put on a list and would likely take many years to becompleted. The community council raised that the road is a health and safety riskand inaccessible to first responders. Councillor McCabe responded with the sameinformation;it will take until at least October 2023to beresurfaced.
  • Derek reported dangerous drains in Aikenhead and in Carmunnock on the‘MyGlasgow’ app. The ones in Aikenhead were fixed quickly, the Carmunnock oneshavestill tobefixed.
  • Transport
  • You can no longer write to first bus. There is an online complaints form that is very specific and has to be filled out each times there is an issue with the bus. Simon filled in 9 complaints. Cate has an invitation to meet with first bus in January so she will raise our concerns.
  • Themorningbusrunsseemto workingwell.
  • LinnArea Committee
  • There is£3,000leftinthe fund.
  • The Christmas tree for the village cost £3,600. The community council found this extravagantly expensive so have asked for a detailed outline of these costs. Co Carson is going to look into this.
  • AOB
  • Bailie McCabe highlighted that since the council are going to pay £30 million pounds forthe next 30 years to reimburse the unequal pay given to their employees’ money will be very tight in the council.
  • John is going to give names to Co. McCabe for the OAP dinner held in the city chambers,
  • There will be no over 80’s heating allowance this year.
  • John has asked Councillor Morgan if there is any progress on the Warnock Trust’strusteeslettertoGCCregarding thetransfer of fields.
  • John had a meeting with Stefan King – the owner of the braes shopping centre inCastlemilk -and was informed the shopping centre is getting revamped and a newsupermarketwill beopening.
  • The Community fund has been delayed to the12thof January.
  • The Community Council wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • Next meeting Monday the9t hof January 2023 7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.