Community Council Minutes: Feb 2023

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council Monday 6thFebruary2023


Present:John Lawless, Derek Scott, Roy Lang, Ashley Montague, Councillor Catherine Vallis BailiePaul McCabe, BailieMargaret Morgan,and Councillor John Carson.


Police Report:

  • No police in attendance.

Minutes o flast meeting:

Two amendments to Jan23 minutes:

  • The dog mentioned died from eating a tampon,no dog poo was involved.
  • Roy was at the meeting but this was missed from the ‘Present’ list.Proposed byDerek Scoot andseconded by RoyLang


The city council now put the information for the community councils online.All relevant information can be found on:


The accounts from January from Derek are as follows:

6 Jan2023GCCGrantDeposit£644.49
Totalsfunds:£10,408.41GreenbeltFund: £7,908.58GeneralFunds:£2,499.83


  • The forward planning for the Kittochside planning disappears and reappears on theplanning website.
  • The preconditions for the Busby Road development have yet to be met however there hasbeen some activity in the fields which could be this.

Roads andLighting

  • The old light posts have not yet been removed from Waterside Road. CouncillorVallisis going tolookintothis.
  • Some pot holes in the village have been filled but the repair does not look like theywilllast forvery long.


  • Councillor Vallis attended the First Bus drop in session in order to raise the issue of timetabling and accountability to FirstBus.She sadly got no more response from them.

LinnArea Committee

  • Councillor McCabe will propose money for the infrastructure fund will be used for resurfacing at the half moon at Hilcrest as well as the crossing near the old bus stop. McCabe has spoken to Karen Venable who has agreed to match the quote for the repairs.
  • Councillor McCabe also raised getting a security camera that could be used in the villageto stop fly tipping. The cost would be £6,000 for a permanent camera or £8,000 for aportable/movableone.


  • The Community Council has agreed that we will look into arranging our own Christmas tree nex tyear as the costfrom the council is exorbitant.
  • John is still chasing up the council accepting ownership over theWarnock Trust land.
  • Gary the ranger is going to fix the vandalism that has happened on the Magnificent 11 walkpath.Someone hasusedwire cutters, spanner,anda saw tocause thisdamage.

Next meetingMondaythe 6thofMarch 2023 7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.