Community Council Minutes :Jan 2023

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council

Monday 9th January 2023

Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm

Present: John Lawless, Derek Scott, Ashley Montague, Councillor Catherine Vallis, Bailie Paul McCabe, Councillor Margaret Morgan, David Mathewson and PC Moore.

Apologies: Marion Begg and Councillor, John Carson, Simon Easton

Police Report:

 PC Moore reported that 12 calls had been made to the police since last meeting. These ranged from neighbour disputes, leaking gas (that has been repaired) and road traffic incidents.

Minutes of last meeting: Proposed by Bailie Paul McCabe and seconded by Derek Scott.


The city council now put the information for the community councils online.

All relevant information can be found on:


The accounts from November to January from Derek are as follows.

No deposits or withdrawals.

Totals funds: £9,763.92Greenbelt Fund: £7,908.58General Funds: £1,855.34


  • The forward planning for the Kittochside planning has disappeared from the planning website. We would like to thanks the Councillors for their backing in opposing the new development. We will continue to monitor.
  • The preconditions for the Busby Road development have yet to be met before any ground work can begin.

Roads and Lighting

  • There is currently a city-wide problem with road and drain conditions with little money available to fix these problems.
  • Councillor McCabe is going to see about getting funding from the Area Partnership infrastructure fund to fix the flooding at Hilcrest as well as the Half Moon at Hilcrest.
  • David Mathewson attended the CCM in order to highlight the dire state of the village. The pavements are in an awful condition as well as overflowing drains and massive potholes. He also raised the terrible amount of ice that developed on Craigsheen Avenue onto Busby Road due to blocked and lack of drains. The ice created a danger to human life. Councillor Vallis is going to chase up the issue.
  • David also raised the lack of street lighting on many roads in the village – even after reporting these issues on the my Glasgow app and phoning the council directly – Councillor Vallis is going to look into this.
  • David sadly informed us that his dog recently passed away due to eating a contaminated tampon within the village. The amount of dog poo within the village is growing, and not only is it unsightly but can cause a risk to life of animals and humans. The CCM are going to discuss ways in which to monitor this problem and try tactics to reduce the problem. The Chairman noted that not clearing up after a dog in a public area is an offence.
  • David raised speeding within the village. Coming into the village from the Busby end people tend to keep a higher speed. David raised this with PC Moore and she said there is plans to do a speed check in that area however as they need to be visible it reduces the chance of seeing people speed. The 20MPH Glasgow wide initiative has been resurrected however the Councillors doubted this would solve the issue as residents are driving too fast but usually under the speed limit.


 Councillor Vallis is going to attend the First Bus drop in session on Friday the 12th in order to raise the issue of timetabling and accountability to First Bus.

Linn Area Committee

  • Next meeting is early in February.
  • The Christmas tree for the village cost £3,600. John asked Bailie McCabe as Chair of Linn area for a the breakdown of the costings, and we will look over at next meeting to see where the cost is actually going.


  • 6 residents in the village received tickets for the OAP dinner help in the city chambers.
  • We are no further forward in getting the Warnock Trust Fields to be transferred over to Glasgow City Council to be used for the benefit of Carmunnock residents.

Next meeting Monday the 6th of February 2023 7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.