Community Council Minutes March 2023

Minutes of Carmunnock Community CouncilMonday 6thMarch 2023CastlemilkHall 7.00pm

Present:John Lawless, Marion Begg, Derek Scott, Roy Lang, Ashley Montague, , Bailie PaulMcCabe, Councillor Margaret Morgan, andCouncillor John Carson.

Apologies:Councillor CatherineVallis

Police Report:

  • No police in attendance.


Proposed by DerekScott and secondedby RoyLang


The city council now put the information for the community councils online.All relevant information can be found on:


The accounts from January from Derek are as follows:

6March 2023No transactions
Totalsfunds:£10,408.41GreenbeltFund: £7,908.58GeneralFunds:£2,499.83


  • John has had correspondence from residents on Busy road concerning a notice for roadworks. John enquired if this would be allowed before the preconditions have been filledfor Busby road field. Still waiting to hear if this is allowed. None of the 32 pre conditions have been met.

Roads andLighting

  • £47,000 grant has been secured from the LAC in order to fix the road at Hilcrest and the half-moon. This work should be doneby October.
  • Derek raised the issue of the spare lamp posts. Co Vallis was not present tocomment.


  • No news.

LinnArea Committee

  • Councillor McCabe helped secure the grant money for Hilcrest and Half-moon to be repaired.
  • Councillor McCabe is going to propose to all Community Councils that we have a permanent ChristmasTree.John will speak to the gardening club about this.


  • Marian raised the issue of Bedrock trucks/lorries going over the bridge. Unfortunately,that is South Lanarkshire.John is ging towrite toSouthLanarkshire council.
  • John is going to get copies of the old land register to see who owns the lane leading from the cross to Stuart Road. Councillor McCabe is going to see about getting ‘lane funding’ to fixthelane.
  • Ashleywilltalk tothegardening club around arranging this years ‘CarmunnockClean Up’.
  • At thetop of Gallowhill road leading totheCathkin Breas has been closed off using a bin.
  • John is going to speak to Gary the Ranger around creating or doing an informationalleaflet around the plan forthe CathkinBreas.

Next meeting Monday the3rdofApril 2023 7pm intheCastlemilk Hall.