Community Council Minutes: Nov 2021


Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 1st November 2021
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Robert Cochrane, Roy Laing, Councillor Margaret Morgan and Councillor Euan
Apologies: PC Cooney
Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Robert Cochrane and seconded by Derek Scott
Matters Arising:
Craigsheen drains remain blocked.
John has written to the council regarding-
 Speeding in the village and the proposed city wide 20MPH proposal that had been planned
pre COVID. Also asking why other areas of the city have had it and Carmunnock has not.
 The half-moon road at Hillcrest. Has been adopted by GCC but not being looked after.
 Wild animal signs on Carmunnock Road
Finance report:
Derek reported-
Deposits Withdrawals
Cheques & Cash donations to Green belt fund £230.00
Audit fee’s 19/20 & 20/21 £30.00
Pedmyre Lane path & ditch restoration (1st phase) £2,145.00
Newsletter green belt campaign £129.00
Crowd Funder- Green belt fund £4,129.58
Lawyer expenses for submission to Court of Session £500.00
Council Funds Breakdown
Legal Expenses Fund £6,398.58
General Funds £2,319.23
The fund raising for the Greenbelt protection fund has been quite successful and will support the
initial proceeding to raise the case with the Court of Session. Should we have to proceed further with
the case, further fund raising will be required.
The retrospective planning application for a house at Kittochmill has been appealed by the
developer and the case is going to the Planning Review Committee
The Community Council have raised a case in the Court of Session to attempt to over turn the Busby
road field development.
The relevant papers have been served to GCC and Zoom Developments. They have until the 17th of
November to answer the questions raised in the case and intimate their intention to defend.
Further fund raising will be required to continue the fight in the courts. A fund raiser in the club has
been organised
Robert has been approached about a film company making a short film about the cause (8th
November) Planning democracy
We will need people to appear in the film. Robert to discuss with Marion and create a roll call for
GCC have decided to change the planning review committee structure. The CCC discussed whether
this could be read as a tacit admittance that the process is not fit for purpose.
Councillors Morgan & Blockley advised that discussions are being held in GCC regarding training,
greater number of officials to attend planning meetings.
Garden Club:
John has put in a bid to the Lynn Area Committee for funding to support planting and fencing on the
grass area at the end of Gallowhill Road
Roads and lighting:
Drain atWaterside and Kittochside remains blocked
As does the drain on the corner ofWaterside road opposite Pathhead Road
Linn area committee:
Tree planting event on the 5th November for children
Open planting on the 6th on the field opposite the Coulter woods
John applied for a grant of £1400 for above project for fence and planting
It was agreed that a special edition will be printed to cover the Busby Road field development in
order to seek funding from the community.
With changes in members of the CCC, John to look at the newsletter distribution plan and re-allocate
streets to members.
Pedmyre Lane:
The path clearing has been completed. But the entrance to one of the fields does not have a
drainage ditch. This is causing flooding on the path.
There are some funds remaining in the grant that was provided. This will be used to dig the drainage
across the field entrance. John will contact McLaren plant
It was also agreed that the hedge trimming along the lane will also be covered by the grant
War Memorial:
Wreaths have been purchased and paid for Remembrance Day
Christmas Tree:
Tree has been ordered. The lighting ceremony date to be confirmed. John to discuss with previous
years organisers.
Next Meeting:
6th December 2022