Community Council Minutes: Sept 2021


Monday 6th September 2021
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Roy Laing, Ashley Montague, Robert Cochrane, Alex
Tomeny, Derek Scott, Marion Begg and Razwan from the Carmunnock Pharmacy.
Apologies: Councillor Euan Blockley and Councillor Morgan. PC Cooney

Police Report (from 1st June – 3rd September):
 36 calls to the police linked to the Carmunnock area however not all
occurred in the Carmunnock area.
 Some examples given of the types of reports to the police are: 5 Vehicle
related calls, miscellaneous calls, a found dog and neighbour disputes.
Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Roy and seconded by Derek.

Matters Arising:
 Razwan from Carmunnock Pharmacy came to the community council
meeting to get advice on how to apply for and gain approval for building a
new pharmacy in the land next to the current row of shops on Busby Road.
 Raz informed the CC that he would like to build a new unit to house a
pharmacy as well as having another specialised clinician within the
pharmacy such as an optometrist. He initially wanted to have a GP within
the pharmacy but unfortunately this doesn’t seem possible at the moment.
 Robert advised Raz to call planning and get a pre-planning application in
order to see what regulations the building would have to comply with as
the building is in a conservation area.
 Raz already owns the land in question but was advised to speak to the
church to discuss ideal land use and possible hights of the proposed unit.
 Raz also highlighted that the land at the back of the current units aren’t
clearly defined in the land ownership papers as to who owns certain areas
so Robert advised him to contact Land Registry to get the exact outlines of
the land owned.

The city council now put the information for the community councils online at:

  1. The matters that are concerned with community councils are;
     Coronavirus / Covid-19 Pandemic Update
     Let’s Grow Together – Glasgow’s Food Growing Strategy 2020-2025 &
    Consultation – Closing Date 16th March 2020
     Scottish Fire & Rescue – Local Fire & Rescue Plan for Glasgow Consultation –
    Closing Date 18th March 2020
     2018 Planning Enforcement Charter – Condensed Version
     MCR Pathways
     Participation Requests

  2. Finance
    The accounts for August (21) from Derek Scott are as follows;
    March funds = £6,508.01
    5/1/21 Defibrillator Contribution Withdrawal £50
    26/2/21 GCC Administration Grant (19/20) Deposits £394.49
    19/3/21 Newsletter Grant Deposits £250
    29/3/21 CCC Administration Grant (20/21) Deposits £399.73
    12/4/21 Christmas Tree Installation Withdrawals £3,200
    12/4/21 Website Subscription Withdrawals £15
    25/5/21 Area Partnership Grant –
    Pedmyre Lane Restoration Deposits £3,000
    15/6/21 Christmas Festival – Wine and Printing Withdrawals £125
    Legal Expenses Funds: £2,539.00
    General Funds: £4,623.23
    Total Funds 1st August £7,162.23

  3. Planning and Licensing.
     No contentious applications have been put forward to planning.
     Kittock Mill is appealing, for a second time, the decision by planning to not
    grant the retrospective planning application of a guest house built in their
     The field at Busy Road, at the time of the meeting, had not yet been
    granted planning permission for four homes to be built, sadly this has now
    been approved. The community council is very disappointed in this decision
    as Glasgow Council had initially rejected the plans.

  4.  Due to the lack of parking at the new development, Stewart Milne homes,
    it is possible around 6 parking spaces will be added to the estate to ease
    this problem.
     Derek is going to email Stewart Milne, again, about the possible blockage at
    the burn at the Stewart Milne development.
    Roads and Lighting
     Derek is going to create a portfolio for Glasgow City Council Roads and
    Lighting Department to highlight the number of streetlights that are is
    disrepair. We still would suggest reporting all faulty streetlights to the
    council through the My Glasgow App.
     The traffic calming measures that were planned to be installed in
    Carmunnock have been put on hold.

  5. Transport
     Jim was not in attendance to give a full picture of how the new bus service
    is running.
     One issue that was raised is the non-interchangeable bus tickets as it is a
    different company which can end up costing more money and could be
    confusing when travelling through the village.

  6. Linn Area Committee
     John applied for a grant (£1,400) for some timber for the gardening group
    in the village but was not granted the money. He will discuss with
    Councillor Morgan, who chairs the LAC, about how be accepted for the
    grant money.

  7. AOB
     Derek and Roy have kindly offered to revarnish the notice board in the
    centre of the village.
     The last weekend of October (30th-31st) there will be the opportunity to
    come and plant some trees at Cathkin Road. The school will also be
    involved in this activity.
     The AGM will be held in the Castlemilk hall at 7:30 on the 6th of October.
     John is going to contact Councillor Morgan about getting a deer warning
    sign on Carmunnock Road.
     Derek raised the idea of having wild flowers around the village, encouraging
    wildlife, reducing the need to cut the grass as well as looking attractive.
     John has been successful in finding out how to access the £108,000 from
    the Stewart Milne development that is to be used for ‘formal sports’ or
    ‘allotments’. The community council would love to hear suggestions on
    what proposals we could put forward in order to see some of the money be
    put back into the village.
     And finally, we would like to thank Alex Tomney for his time on the
    community council as well as his handling of the Community Council
    website. He has kindly offered to continue the upkeep of the website until
    someone else is able to take it over.

  8. Next meeting – AGM
    Wednesday the 6th of October.
    The next meet
    ing is a public meeting and encourage you to come.