Community Council Minutes Sept 2022

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council

Present: John Lawless, Simon Easton, Paul McCabe, Margaret Morgan, Catherine Vallis, Derek Scott

Part: Peter Carvus (Miller Homes), Jennifer Peltier (Invicta Public Relations), Nichola Woodward (Lichfields Planning Consultants)

Apologies: Marion Begg, Roy Laing

Minutes of last meeting:

Proposed by Simon and seconded by Derek

Matter Arising:

Miller Homes attended to discuss the Proposal Application Notice (PAN) they submitted to GCC in August.

  • They have a contract with the landowner to develop the site between Coulters Woods and Kitochside road. A green field site of approx. 30 acres. The contract is subject to planning approval. Peter could not provide more details of thecontract.
  • The plan is for less than 100 homes, which would occupy the top third of the site, which is located between Coulters crescent development and the houses on Kittochside road. This part of the site is within the GCCboundary.
  • They advised that there are no plans to develop the bottom 2/3 of the site, which is in South Lanarkshire, other than for access. This was questioned by several members of the council. Peter advised that there is no plan for this area of the site and indicated that Miller might be open to donating a section of the site to the community. When pressed further on this issue by various members of the council, Peter said that Miller would retain ownership of the rest of the site and could not advise what they would do with it. He reiterated that there is no plan to develop the rest of thesite.
  • The planning application is likely to be made to GCC, as they would be the lead authority and final decision maker. However, South Lanarkshire would be involved, and Miller have contacted both authorities to discuss, as there would be a lot of logistical issues such as access and services toagree
  • Margaret asked if this affected the conservation site. It does not, but consideration of the impact of the development would be part of the feasibility study, along with many otherissues
  • Miller are planning to hold a digital consultation with the community. John asked that this also include a physical consultation to be held in the village over aweek.
  • John offered to help facilitate the consultation and advised that it is important for the community to be properlyconsulted
  • Paul asked if Miller had assessed the capacity of the local School. Nichola advised that they believe the school is currently at 65% of its capacity and that newhouseswould help withthis.
  • Nichola also indicated that Miller focus on family homes and the development would help young families to afford to remain in the community. Derek asked what the average price of a new Miller home is. Peter advised£270,000.
  • Simon asked what consideration Miller have taken to the ecology of the site and whether they would consider improving this as part of the development.Peter