Minutes: Feb 2022

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 6th February 2022
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Roy Lang, Derek Scott, Ashley Montague, Simon Easton, Marion Begg,
Councillor Euan Blockley, Councillor Margret Morgan, Lynsey Kylie (guest).
Apologies: Robert Cochrane.
Police Report: No police in attendance.
Minutes of last meeting: Proposed by Roy and seconded by Marion.
Matters Arising. No matters arising.
The city council now put the information for the community councils online.
All relevant information can be found on:
The accounts from December and January from Derek are as follows;
2nd Dec Cash Donations To Greenbelt Fund deposit £140
8th Dec GCC Grant For Gardening Club deposit £1,441.78
10th Dec Pedmyre Lane Path & Ditch Retoration (2nd Phase) withdrawals £600
14th Dec Cash Donations To Greenbelt Fund deposit £150
1st Jan GCC Grant deposit £644.49
20th Dec Crowd Funder – Green Belt Fund deposit £3,655.75
23rd Dec Lawyers Fee’s For Greenbelt Case withdrawals £240
12th Jan Greenbelt Leaflet Funding withdrawals £107
13th Jan Permyre Lane Path & Ditch Restoration (3rd Phase) withdrawals £250
25th Jan Laird And Lady Direct Raffle Payment deposit £40
27th Jan Lawyer Fee’s To Close The Case withdrawals £1,036
31st January
Total Deposits £6,072.02
Withdrawals £2,233
Total Funds £9,541.43
Greenbelt Funds: £5,938.58
General Funds: £3,602.85
Money raised through the raffle and other means to fight the greenbelt case will be
put into the ‘greenbelt fund’ in order to replenish the legal fund as well as to create a
fund to fight any further greenbelt cases.
 Busby road – the case has now been settled in regards to the planning permission on
busby road. The Community Council had to withdraw as the legal fees that would come
with the case against Zoom would be unstainable. The community council will release
information and guidance on what to look out for if/when work begins on the land.
 Pharmacy – the community council, in general, supports businesses within the village.
Residents are szable to look at the planning documentation as well as supporting or
opposing the proposal.
Roads and Lighting
 Co. Blockley raised the concern over the amount of street lights out in the village. He
has looked into this and has found that due to staff absences within the council these
jobs are taking longer to fix.
 Bedrock have agreed to keep the turn in good condition whilst avoiding the village. We
have had no reports of Bedrock going through the village.
 You are advised to report and issues with the roads or lighting in Carmunnock online
through the Glasgow City Council website or through your ‘MyGlasgow’ App.
 There is now three seperate bus copmanies that run from the village. One from
Carmunnock to East Kilbride and the other two from Carmunnock into the city.
 Buses are running one every hour.
Linn Area Committee
The gardening club have managed to receive money for a fence planned to go at the corner
of Gallowhill Road and Cathkin Road to stop people walking up and down the grassy hill. The
council have said they will fit the fence but due to COVID they wont be able to do this for a
couple of months. The Community Council is looking at other ways for the fence to be built.
Community Orchard:
 The land behind Bankhead Road and Stuart Road is an ideal spot for an orchard.
 Some residents are concerned about foot traffic as well as cars so the agreed position
will be further down the hill to avoid these issues.
The community council would like to thank Robert Cochrane for all his years in helping the
community council. His contribution to the community council, as well as Carmunnock at large,
has been incredible. Thanks Robert, you will be missed.
Next meeting
Monday the 7th March 2022
7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.