Minutes: March 2022

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 7th March 202
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Councillor Euan Blockley, Derek Scott, Councillor Margret Morgan,
Ashley Montague
Apologies: No apologies
Police Report: No police in attendance.
Minutes of last meeting: Proposed by Derek and seconded by John.
Matters Arising. No matters arising.
The city council now put the information for the community councils online.
All relevant information can be found on:
The accounts from December and January from Derek are as follows;
8th February Laird and Lady – Greenbelt fund deposit £1,540
Total Deposits £1,540
Withdrawals £0
Total Funds £11,081.43
Greenbelt Funds: £7,478.58
General Funds: £3,602.85
 No news.
Roads and Lighting
 Flooding still occurring at the bottom of Hilcrest (at the old bus stop) and Waterside
Road. Councillor Morgan is going to investigate this.
 Due to the recent flooding and damaged drain on Kirk Road a member of the public
broke their hip. Be careful and vigilant in wintery conditions.
 General road conditions in Carmunnock are of concern.
 The half moon at Hilcrest has official been classed as adopted by Glasgow City Council.
John has been chasing them to come and look at keeping it in order.
 The 31 has been working on a ‘Sunday’ service timetable. If anyone who uses this
service could inform the community council of how you are finding the service it
would be much appreciated.
Linn Area Committee
 No meeting until the elections
 John has the materials for building the fence up at the entrance/exit to the
Cathkin Breas walkway. The council have agreed to fit the fence.
Pedmyre Lane
 The lane has been resurfaced to a good condition. Some more work has is still to be
done on the lane.
 There will be an official opening of the ‘Magnificent 11’. A date will be published sooner
to the date.
 There will be a litter picking event held on the 24th April. More information will follow
on Carmunnock Facebook.
 Councillor Blockely has asked Carmunnock residents about the road condition and has
passed all complaints to the Neighbourhood and regeneration services, however the it
can take upto 90 days for them to process this information.
 John informed the communcil council that double yellow lines have been created at
Croftfoot leading to a sold white line. John asked the Councillors about the legality of
crossing the lines. Both Euan and Margaret have assured us that you ARE allowed to
cross the lines in this circumstance. This is the road that goes from Fetlar Drive onto
Carmunnock Road at Kingspark Highschool.
 John also raised the issue of the 20MPH zone in Carmunnock. He had been informed
that there would be no more blanket 20mph zones in the city however he has checked
and since then two areas have become 20mph zones. Both the Councillors will look into
this as we strongly believe Carmunnock should be a 20mph zone.
Next meeting
Monday the 9nd May 2022
7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.