Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council Nov 2022

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 7th November 2022
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Derek Scott, Ashley Montague, Bailie Margret Morgan, Roy Lang,
Councillor Catherine Vallis, Bailie Paul McCabe, John Carson and Simon Easton.
Apologies: Marion Begg

Police Report: No police in attendance.

Minutes of last meeting: One amendment: Names incorrect, some suggested re-wording, Derek
will amend.
Proposed by Roy and seconded by Simon.

Matters Arising
 Only the first page of the AGM minutes has been uploaded online. John will contact Alex
to rectify this.
 There was a very small turn out for the AGM. The CC works to represent and help the
community, we need to hear your thoughts and concerns so we can address these.

The city council now put the information for the community councils online.
All relevant information can be found on:

The accounts from October to November from Derek are as follows.

13th Oct 465 21/22 Accounts Audit (transferred through DGS account) Withdrawal £15
31st Oct Deposits: £0 Withdrawals: £15
Totals funds: £10,039.65 Greenbelt Fund: £7,908.58 General Funds: £2,131.07

 John informed the CC that there will be a £40 withdrawal for the wreath for
remembrance as well as £100 fee for the Christmas leaflet.
 There will only be one piper this year as a fee of £350 was requested for the usual pipers
who usually do it for free.

 No new planning applications have been put in.
 Miller Homes hope to have planning in before Christmas for the development on
Kittockside Road.
 John is going to write to planning to make sure the development on Busby Road is
following all 7 conditions of their planning application.

Roads and Lighting
13th Oct 465 21/22 Accounts Audit (transferred through DGS account) Withdrawal £15
31st Oct Deposits: £0 Withdrawals: £15
Totals funds: £10,039.65 Greenbelt Fund: £7,908.58 General Funds: £2,131.07
 New lampposts are currently being put in along Waterside Road. Derek is going to send
picture to Catherine as the old lampposts have not yet been removed.
 CC members have noticed that when work has been carried out no one comes to check on
the work meaning lots of jobs have been finished to a substandard finish. As well as this,
jobs are being cancelled on the ‘MyGlasgow’ App instead of being completed.
 The community gardening club contacted Bailie McCabe about the drains. John reported 5
drains and only one was cleared and other three weren’t investigated. The drains need to
be fixed rather than just sucked up. Derek is going to send pictures to Catherine and she
will chase this up.
 Bailie McCabe is going to do multiple reports on the ‘MyGlasgow’ App to see if they get
closed or investigated.

 The buses are not running on time. Very unreliable. Simon is going to write to first bus as
the late buses have impacted many Carmunnock residents.

Linn Area Committee
 Next meeting is the 24th of November
 Bailie McCabe has spoken to the head teacher at the primary, Gillian, about the double
application for funding from herself and the gala committee.
 Possible funding for a camera to stop fly tipping. Cameras can cost £6,000 or £8,000
depending on if it’s a permanent or movable camera respectively. John is going to
recommend this for Pedmyre lane.

Area Partnership
 Bailie Mc Cabe is going propose resurfacing the half moon at the Hilcrest. The CC are in
agreement that this would be a good use of funds available. Catherine noted that money
for re-surface of Half Moon should come from the central budget rather than the £1
million fund for extra services.
 John is going to contact Karen Venables around the infrastructure in Carmunnock.
£15,500 left in fund

 There has been dumping of trees at the back lane around the park. The heritage look
after this land. Some assistance may be needed moving the trees back to their original
land. Roy is going to talk to the dumper to see if they will remove them first.
 The fence around the park is lead paint so will not be touched by the council
 John has been trying to investigate who is going to turn on the Christmas tree lights. He is
going to contact Lisa Thomson.
 John has proposed that we look into getting funding for a MUGA (multi-use games area)
for behind the recreation club. The gate has been removed from the side so everyone in
the village could access it. The land is owned by Glasgow city council so could receive
grants for it. Money from Coulters Crescent could be used for this project as well. Derek
suggested we apply to the Windpark trust and Linn Area Committee.
Next meeting
Monday the 5th December 2022
7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.