Minutes of CC May 2022

Minutes of CC May 2022

Simon is going to contact Gary the Ranger about the pond and what options we have around
safeguarding the animals in the wild that use it such as frogs and birds.
 The community council would like to thank everyone who helped in the Carmunnock Litter Pick
and those who have been keeping Carmunnock clean throughout the year.
 There has been a few sightings of rats within the village. Attached is guidance on how to deal
with and reduce the likely hood of having rats.
 The Community Council would like to send our condolences to the family of Elspeth Hamilton.
Elspeth was a member of the Community Council for many years and organised many events in
 The Community Council are looking into creating/updating the ‘Welcome to Carmunnock’ pack.
This will be distributed throughout Carmunnock to give the most up to date information on
what is happening in Carmunnock.
There are growing reports of rats in the village. It’s a Glasgow wide problem and a village wide
problem. Often, residents don’t want to discuss it as nobody want to say they have rats in the garden
but it’s important that everyone in the village takes the issue seriously and deals with it locally and
immediately before there is a serious infestation, disease or they go into houses.
There are a number of things we can all do.
If you spot a rat, it is important to call Glasgow City Council pest control or they don’t know there is
an issue in an area. It may only be one rat you see but they are seldom far from others.
Tel: 0141 287 1059
Pest control will usually respond quickly. In many cases in the village they have come out to visit
and laid poison bait boxes that are reported to reduce the numbers quickly in between 3-10 days.
They then remove the boxes. It differs in each case.
There are a number of things that you can do to discourage rats. Removing rats food sources helps
Remove all bird feeders from the garden. Rats love nuts and the debris left by birds feeding.
Stop leaving food out for foxes and other animals. It attracts rats.
Remove all dog poo and bin it. Rats feed on it.
Keep outside bins sealed and tie bags.
Stop putting food rats could eat into compost bins.
You can also disrupt rats by
Blocking any rat burrows or fence gaps you see. Also, using galvanized wire mesh to put a skirt
around the bottom of garden fences is effective.
Rats have poor eyesight and follow the smell of pheromone trails so you can disrupt their routes by
spraying peppermint oil products that are readily available online. If you’re wondering where to
spray it, rats like to follow surfaces like fence lines and walls.
Trapping or killing rats isn’t pleasant, has risk and can be controversial but needs balanced against
the fact that rats carry serious diseases such as; Leptospirosis (often referred to as Weil’s
disease), Salmonella, Listeria, Toxoplasma gondii and Hantavirus. Also, getting rid of rats that have
burrowed into the fabric of a house or under it can cost tens of thousands of pounds.
STRONG POISON – This is readily available online and in hardware stores. The fear is that a pet
eats the dead rat that has ingested it and becomes ill itself. There are reports this has happened in
the village. Rats can’t regurgitate while other animals can. Ask for advice from the council on poisons
that are safe or safer for pets. Also, keep an eye on your pets should they find a dead rat. Don’t let
them play with a dead rat.
PET SAFE POISON – there are products such as RatX that dehydrate rats but tend to make pets
throw it up and leaves them unharmed. They are safer but less effective.
With all poison products please seek advice from the council, please use sealed bait boxes and
look after pets in the area.
SNAP TRAPS – Rat traps are bigger than mouse traps and kill the rats instantly. They come in
lockable bait boxes and peanut butter is an effective bait. You will need to dispose of the box with
the dead rat in it once it is trapped. Wear gloves, seal it well in bag and wash thoroughly
ELECTRIC TRAPS – There are other traps such as electric traps but they can be more complicated
to use and dangerous if mismanaged.
In short, if you spot a rat (even one) – call Council pest control, consider the above actions and speak
to your neighbours about it.
Carmunnock Community Council can distribute information but it is Glasgow City Council who have the
resources and expertise to help you deal with the issue. You need to speak to them.
Thank you.
Carmunnock Community Council
Next meeting
Monday the 6th June 2022
7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.