Minutes of Community Council June 2022

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 6th June 2022
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Derek Scott, Ashley Montague, Marion Begg, Roy Lang, Councillor
Catherine Vallis, Councillor Paul McCabe and Simon Easton.
Apologies: Councillor Margret Morgan
Police Report: No police in attendance.
Minutes of last meeting: One amendment: Roy Lang was present at the meeting.
Proposed by Roy and seconded by John.
Matters Arising. No matters arising.
The city council now put the information for the community councils online.
All relevant information can be found on:
The accounts from March to May from Derek are as follows.
 One single storey application in Coulters Crescent at the rear. No objections from the
Community Council.
 Application for storage container at the back of Castlemilk Hall. Unclear size and
positioning of the container but Community Council sees no current problem.
Roads and Lighting
 Flooding still occurring at the bottom of Hilcrest (at the old bus stop) and Waterside
Road. John is going to contact the Chief Executive as this has been occurring for many
years and no long term solution has been found. Councillor McCabe is also going to look into
this matter.
 General road conditions in Carmunnock are of concern.
8th March Cash and cheques donation to legal fund Deposit £1,500
9th March Garden Club planting Gallowhills grant – fence materials Withdrawal £794.12
29th April Garden Club planting – plants Withdrawal £596.68
4th May Cash donations to legal fund – raffle deposit £470
31st May Deposits: £1,970 Withdrawals: £1,390.80
Totals funds: £10,120.63 Greenbelt Fund: £7,908.58 General Funds: £2,212.05
 The half moon at Hilcrest has official been classed as adopted by Glasgow City Council.
John has been chasing them to come and look at keeping it in order. This has still not been
addressed by GCC.
 Councillor Morgan is looking to getting deer signs put up on Carmunnock Road leading to
 The 31 has been working on a ‘Sunday’ service timetable however the information online is
not clear on the actual timetable.
Linn Area Committee
 Next meeting will be held online on the 30th of March.
 Simon is going to see how many people in the village would be interested in swift
boxes as he is hoping to get grant money from the LAC for these boxes.
Pedmyre Lane
 Councillor Vallis is going to look into funding from the LAC to see if CCTV at Pedmyre Lane
to reduce fly tipping would be supported.
 The official opening of the ‘Magnificent 11’ will be later this month.
 Wildflower Meadow – Simon has discussed the benefit of having wildflower meadows in
the village. Derek has spoken to the Gardening Group who have created space at the top
of and the lower parts of the Low Green for these wildflowers to grow.
 Coppice Woods – In 1990 the Wise Group planted woodland for coppicing in the field
behind Old Playfield Road, Stuart Road, and Bankhead Road. The woods have not been used
for this purpose and have become overgrown. This has caused the walkways to become
flooded and hard to pass through. The community council are going to consider how to
clear some of the overgrown woodland to make it easier to pass through.
 Street Play Event – Councillor Vallis and Councillor McCabe raised the idea of having a
‘street play’ event in Carmunnock. This is when a street is closed off to vehicles and kids
are encouraged to come out and play with toys and equipment provided by an organisation.
If anyone is interested in this, could they let the community council know so we can get
further details.
 We would like to thank the Hall Committee for free use of the room in the Castlemilk Hall
to conduct the Community Council Meeting.
 Park equipment – the tyre at the ‘back’ of the park has disappeared. We are not sure if it
was GCC removing it or not. The Councillors present are going to investigate this. They are
also going to seeing if there is any available funding for more equipment as well as
updating some existing equipment.
Next meeting
Monday the 5th of September 2022
7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.