Cc Minutes Sept 2019

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council

Monday 2nd September 2019

Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm

Present: John Lawless, Ashley Montague, Derek Scott, Jim McCreadie, Angus MacDonald, Marion Begg, Robert

Cochrane, Councillor Margaret Morgan, Councillor Euan Blockely, Alex Tomeny and 4 Carmunnock residents

representing Carmunnock Nursery.

Apologies: None

Police Report: No police ..

Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Derek and seconded by Angus.


The city council now put the information for the community councils online at:

1. The matters that are concerned with community councils are;

Community Council Annual General Meetings – October 2019 – Including Preparation of Independently

Examined Accounts

Community Council Elections 2019

Civic Reception for Community Councils – Tuesday 17th September 2019

Payment of Additional Administration Allowance Award

2018 Planning Enforcement Charter – Condensed Version

Get Glasgow Moving

CDAS Annual Conference 2019: Community Development: Tackling Inequalities – Tuesday 10th September


Community Council Development Session – Saturday 21st September 2019

Street Play Initiative – Applications now welcome

Statutory Register of Common Good Property – Consultation – Closing Date for Responses – 27th October


MCR Pathways

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Guidance for Community Councils

Requests for Community Council Minutes and Accounts

Participation Requests


No income has been received nor any outgoings for the month of June.

Current balances are as of 2nd September;

General Funds £12,629.56.

Legal Expenses Fund £2,539.00.

Total Funds £15,168.56

Planning and Licensing.

There have been several properties in the village that have requested and been granted permission for

extensions and other exterior changes. The community council have no problems with the planning

permission plans in Busby Road, Newcraigs Drive, Sycamore Way and Picketlaw Farm.

Robert is continuing to monitor Bedrock and their proposals made to South Lanarkshire council.

There is no new news about Carnbooth.

Roads and Lighting

John has been chasing up the council in regards to the 20mph zone within Carmunnock. He has been told that

since it is a big job it will take some time to implement.

A new speed limit sign has been erected after the Stewart Milne homes stating a different speed from the one

40 yards after it. Councillor Morgan will look into this.

Angus has reported the lights on Kittockside Road which are constantly on.

The hedges at the bus stop opposite the low green are causing difficulty in seeing the bus coming. John is

going to post a letter requesting the homeowner cut back the obstructing hedges.

With the recent increase in wet weather the drains have begun to flood. Angus urges people to report any

and all roads and lighting problems to the council for prompt responses.

Councillor Morgan is going to see about getting a sign on Carmunnock road leading down to Castlemilk to

alert drivers to the possibility of deer running across the street.

The pavements and roads are beginning to overgrow with hedges and litter. If all sightings of obstructions

could be reported to the council, or the community council if on private land, we hope this doesn’t continue.


Jim has reported that the buses seem to be running alright however we are still being given old buses. When

Jim requested we receive newer buses he was told First Bus was using “old stock” on this route.

Linn Area Committee

The community council has received the grants from the Linn Area Committee and the Windpark Trust. A

work package will be created this month in order to show when and how the money will be used in upgrading

the park.

John is attending the next Linn Area meeting on Thursday the 5th of September.

The community council urges other groups within the village to apply for more funding for the village from the

Linn Area Committee and Windpark Trust.


The newsletter will be produced in the start of October.

The AGM will be held on the Thursday  24th of October, all welcome.

Councillor Morgan is going to look into getting a new bench to be situated at the cross as well as finding out if

the bench that was removed from the beginning of the Cathkin Breas will be replaced. The community council

discussed having plaques on the benches in memory of recently passed Carmunnock residents.

John, Robert, Hydie Fossed and Fred Hill have been in discussion around creating a Community Engagement

Plan. With the help of Olivia Hanley they propose that the 19 organisations in Carmunnock meet up regularly

in order to discuss and plan joint projects. This first meeting will be on the 10th of September.

From now on, when the Community Council go on break from summer and winter there will be a notice in the

notice board.

Alec has contacted the police and the Information Commission regarding CCTV being installed in the village

and was told there would be no legal problems with this. He is looking at possible grants to cover the costs.

Councillor Morgan told the community7 council about the government’s new ‘men’s shed club’ initiative.

Funding will be available for the creation and the maintenance of a men’s shed club in order to promote

community spirit and men,s mental health.

Stuart, Lin, Laura and Marion came to the meeting in order to request a release of the Legal Funds held by the

community council in order to help the nursery out of financial burden. Derek and Robert agreed to meet

with the Carmunnock Nursery committee in order to discuss ways to help sustain and improve financially the

running of the nursery.

Next meeting

7th October 7pm