Minutes August 2018

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council Meeting Date 2018 Castlemilk Hall 7pm Present: John Lawless, Margaret Muirhead, Alex Tomeney, Angus MacDonald, Marion Begg, Robert Cochrane Apologies: Derek Scott, Ashley Montague, Jim McCreadie, Roy Laing Also present: Cllr Margaret Morgan.

Crime Report

PC Louise MacDonald attended and reported that during the period 4th May to 4th August there were no reported assaults, violent crimes, drugs offences, or car thefts. There was 1 housebreaking (investigation ongoing) and several instances of youth disorder. The issue of suspicious vehicles being seen in the village was raised. PC MacDonald’s advice to local residents was to immediately report anything remotely suspicious by calling 101

Previous Minutes

The last meeting was the public meeting held on 24th May. Minutes proposed by Margaret and seconded by Robert.

Matters Arising

1. As in the previous minutes CCC intend to seek legal advice about an appeal against the decision to allow flats to be built in the grounds of Carnbooth which is in the Green Belt. We cannot do this until GCC publishes the official decision notice. This matter is being pursued.

2. Overgrown hedges – 6 letters have been sent to local residents asking them to cut back overgrowth onto pavements. These have so far received a positive response. Further cases have been identified and will be pursued. Residents are asked to ensure that vegetation from gardens does not impede pedestrians from walking along pavements. This is particularly important where pavements are narrow.

3. A local resident in attendance at the meeting brought to our attention that blocked drains and flooding previously reported are still causing problems. The resident also raised the issue of narrowing of the pavement on Busby Road due to grass and vegetation growing over the tarmac surface.

4. Clearing of pavement surfaces – the pavement between Carmunnock and Castlemilk has not been swept and is covered in leaves and debris. The pavement between Carmunnock and Busby is severely reduced in width in places by vegetation overgrowth onto the tarmac surface. The issue with Busby Road has been reported previously but no action has ensued. Cllr Morgan agreed to raise this with the appropriate officials.


1. Response received to our complaint to GCC about failure of invite to LRB (Local Review Body) meeting about the Carnbooth flats application to arrive on time. A response was received via Sam Taylor of GCC that CCC were not entitled to be invited as we had not submitted further comments on the Carnbooth planning application. We dispute this interpretation of the relevant legislation and will pursue again with GCC

2. Response from Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to our complaint regarding maladministration by GCC in the matter of the LRB meeting indicating that it can only deal with complaints from individuals.

3. Letter received from a local resident about an incident in Coulters Wood where someone was knocked to the ground and surrounded by 10 – 15 out of control dogs. The dogs were supposedly under the control of 2 dog walkers but their control of the dogs was not effective in preventing the incident. Other incidents of dog walkers being in charge of too many dogs to be able to exercise effective control were raised although it was recognised that some dog walkers are more responsible than others. Cllr Morgan will raise the matter with appropriate council officials.

4. Community Council Briefing from GCC:

Formal Public Consultation of the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils (2018) – 2nd Phase, 16 Week Public Representations to Scheme Amendments – Respond by Friday 28th September 2018

Free IT Workshops for Community Councils – 31st July – 9th August 2018 Get involved! OpenGov Action Plan events in Glasgow & Edinburgh – Glasgow Event -13th August 2018

Stalled Spaces – Call for Applications – Closing Date for Applications – Monday, 27th August 2018 at 5.00pm.

Community Council Development Session – Date of Next Meeting – Saturday 1st September 2018

Democracy Matters Conversation: People to have their say on Scotland’s Public Services – Deadline for Applications – Friday 14th September 2018

Community Learning Exchange – For Information

St John Scotland – Defibrillator Programme

Community Activist Panel – Tackling Poverty in Glasgow Newsletter

Community Council Survey – State of Glasgow’s Historic Built Environment – Final Report

Community Council Information Pack – Opening of New Pharmacies

Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute 11th November 2018

Volunteer Glasgow – Volunteer Opportunities for Community Councils

Participation Requests – Reposted 27th April 2018

Factsheets 2017 and 2011 Census Profiles for Wards – Reposted 24th May 2017

Notification of Community Council Meetings and Minutes to Ex-Officio Members – Reposted 24th May 2018

Submission of Community Council Minutes – Reposted 24th May 2017

These can be viewed in detail at



There were payments of £113 and £100 in relation to printing and publishing the May newsletter. No income has been received. Current balances are – General Funds £357.34, Legal Expenses Fund £2539.00

Roads and Lighting

More instances of fly tipping have been reported at Pedmyre. Some potholes have been filled in but others still require attention. Residents are urged to report these and any other issues. The easiest way of doing this is through the MyGlasgow App.


No new planning applications.

Transport No issues reported

Linn Area Committee

Our application for funding for new play equipment is still in progress. All local organisations are encouraged to apply to the Linn Area Committee as funding is available for equipment and projects of benefit to the local community.

Wind Park Trust

It was agreed to approach the Windpark Trust about additional funding towards the cost of the play equipment


It was agreed that a newsletter be produced. This will go out in October. Articles should be submitted by the end of September.

AGM The AGM will be held on Tuesday 23rd October at 7.30 in the Castlemilk Hall


Alex reported that CCC has received a twinning request from the village of Trebsen (pop. 4000) in Germany. Residents of Trebsen take an interest in Scottish culture and are particularly interested in our Highland Games. Cllr Morgan agreed to investigate how to take this matter forward.