Minutes January 2018

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 8th January 2018
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Jim McCreadie, Robert Cochrane, Margaret Muirhead, Roy Laing, Ashley Montague, Councillor
Margaret Morgan, Alex Tomeny, Derek Scott, Angus MacDonald, Marion Begg and David Mathewson.
Apologies: Councillor Malcolm Cunning and Councillor Euan Blockley.
Police Report:
No reports of assaults, no drug related crime and no drunk and disorderly behaviour. There has been 2 reports of 5
attempted house breakings and car breakings. One person was arrested for driving a stolen car with no insurance and
no license.
With the spike in attempted house and car breakings, the officer advises you to call 999 when reporting a crime and
not the usual 101 number. Anything suspect, let them know.
The van left on Waterside Road was raised again and the officer will look into getting it removed within the next two
Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Derek and seconded by Alex.
Matters Arising. No matters arising.
The city council now put the information for the community councils online at:
The matters that are concerned with community councils are;
▪ Glasgow City Council Budget Consultation 2018 – Places Still Available
▪ Community Council AGMs – FINAL REMINDER – Appointment of Office Bearers and Submission of Finalised
accounts – All Community Councils which have not responded, need to respond as a matter of pressing
▪ Community Council Research – Regional Workshop – Glasgow – Respond by 8th January 2018
▪ Tell Glasgow City Council what you think today – City Charter – Closing Date Extended to Friday 26th January
▪ Glasgow Airport consultations 2018 -Airspace Change Proposal & Noise Action Plan
▪ Draft City of Glasgow Local Police & Fire and Rescue Plans 2017-2020
▪ Festival 2018 Our Place Fund
▪ Community Council Development Sessions 2018 – All Community Councils’ Participation is Encouraged
▪ Police Scotland Estates Consultation – Local Engagement Plan – G Division – Respond by 31st January 2018
▪ Volunteer Glasgow – Volunteer Opportunities for Community Councils
▪ Paths for All – Community Active Travel Grants – Deadline for Applicants – 12th January 2018
The accounts for January from Derek Scott are as follows;
January 1st; Glasgow City Council Administration Grant – Deposit of £445.43
= Legal Expenses Funds: £2539.00, General Funds: £520.84 = Total Funds £3,059.84
The community council have agreed to starting up the Hanging Baskets again this year. We will begin discussions with
the Guides. More information will be provided in next months minutes.
Both the Carnbooth applications for an extension and flats have been rejected. The planning officer and the applicant
from the Carnbooth will have discussions around changing the application for an extension.
Roads and Lighting
▪ David Mathewson attended the CCM to raise concerns over flooding and the street lighting issues on busby
road. The blocked drains in Craigsheen Avenue (which the residents have unblocked), Cameron Crescent and
Sycamore Way have caused dangerous road conditions on busby road, especially beside the chicane. David
has done great work reporting and chasing up council members to rectify these issues. The council have said
they will be coming out during February to fix the drainage problem. Lighting doesn’t come on to around 7pm
in the centre of the village due to the faulty time clock, which the council cannot access as it’s in a Scottish
power building.
▪ Angus raised the terrible condition of the pavement running from Mitchells to the old bus stop. The more that
report this the quicker it will be fixed.
▪ Several pot holes within the village have also been reported, however many voices are better than few so if
you see any, please report them to the council.
▪ The flooded drain beside the old bus stop has also became a danger.
▪ The Community Council and the members individually will continue to report problems we see or are
informed of. You are advised to report and issues with the roads or lighting in Carmunnock online through the
Glasgow City Council website or through your ‘My Glasgow’ App. The more we report the higher the chance
of the problem being fixed quickly.
The buses ran well over the festive period but the 10am bus did not show up causing one community member to miss
a medical appointment.
With Aitkenhead Road being closed traffic is very bad around the whole area, expect delays.
Linn Area Committee
Stuart and Milne are meant to be giving £106,000 to the Linn Area Committee but organisations in Carmunnock are
heavily advised to apply for grants from the Linn Area Committee. It is advised you to apply for grants where there is a
benefit to the community at large (such as an allotment).
Windpark Trust Grants.
Open for grants. Marion has put in for a grant for the Highland Games and the Carmunnock Kids football team has
also applied. They should hear back in March.
▪ After the committee agreed, John has put in an application for a Discretionary Grant to help pay for the
▪ Robert brought up the issue of improved broadband through the village. It seems certain areas of
Carmunnock are unable to get fibre broadband. The cables for them to gain access runs past there homes and
the little money it would cost to connect these homes seems unfair for these inhabitants. Robert is going to
draft a letter to send to the internet providers to fix this.
▪ Councillor Margaret Morgan has helped a lot in getting drains and lighting fixed throughout the village and is
going to push for more work to be done to fix these problems.
▪ Ashley, Marion, Margaret Morgan and Margaret Muirhead will create a sub-committee concerned with the
play equiptment for the park. We will meet with Mr Devine to discuss how to, and who to, apply for money
for new equiptment for the park. We will let you know are progress through the CCC minutes.
Next meeting
5th February 2018: 7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.