Minutes of AGM October 2018

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council Annual General Meeting
Thursday 23October 2018
Castlemilk Hall 7.30pm
Present: 4 members of the public and 7 committee members
Apologies: Derek Scott
Police: No Police in attendance
2017 AGMminutes: Proposed by Marion Begg seconded Roy Laing
Chairman’s report:
John Lawless welcomed those present. He explained that the AGM was a requirement of our
Constitution and follows a set format. He explained that the first part of he meeting was the formal
part of the AGM and although there was no election this year, we were still required to to elect
office bearers.
There was little more to add to the Chairman’s report. Most recent news had been published in our
recent Newsletter. Our main concern of the moment was the granting of planning permission at
Carnbooth and, as we considered it, the irregular manner in which this was done.
Treasurer’s submission of independently examined accounts:
The Treasurer’s report of to 31 Aug 2018 were submitted (see separate) The report was audited by
Jim Hamilton. It was proposed for acceptance by Marion Begg and Seconded by Roy Laing.
Note of Continuation of Scheme:
The scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils was noted and accepted.
Office bearers stand down:
All Office bearers stood down. John Lawless was proposed as Chairman, proposed by Marion Begg
and seconded by Roy Laing.
The Following Office Holders were duly proposed and seconded ( Proposer and seconder in brackets)
Vice Chair: Marion Begg (John Lawless Ashley Montague)
Secretary/ Minute Secretary: Ashley Montague (Robert Cochrane Marion Begg)
Treasurer: Derek Scott (John Lawless Robert Cochrane)
Planning Contact: Robert Cochrane (John Lawless Marion Begg)
Licensing Contact: John Lawless (Robert Cochrane Marion Begg)
Area Partnership lead nominee: John Lawless (Robert Cochrane Ashley Montague)
Area Partnership sub nominee: Marion Begg (John Lawless Robert Cochrane)
Sign Constitution:
Constitution was signed by newly appointed Office Bearers
Appoint independent examiner:
It was agreed that Jim Hamilton be asked to continue as Independent Examiner.
Appoint associate members:
This would be discussed at the next CCC meeting.
Date of 2020 AGM:
This would be intimated nearer the date, but woulkd be in October 2020
A suggestion was made for a deer warning sign to be mounted in both directions on the stretch of
road from Hill Crest to Ardencraig roundabout, due to recent incidents The Council will take this
The Chairman wished to thank all those who had taken part in producing poppies for the installation
at the Church. He also wished to record his thanks to Margaret Muirhead who had stood down as a
Community Councillor.
John thanked those who had attended the meeting and closed the meeting.