Minutes of AGM October 2019

Carmunnock Community Council
Annual General Meeting
24th October 2019 7:30pm
Present: John Lawless, Robert Cochrane, Alex Tomney, Marion Begg, Ashley Montague, Jim
McCreedie, Fred Hearle, David Mathews, Margaret Toppin, Ken McCready, Eva Connelly,
Natasha Graham, E. Sheeth and Co. Euan Blockley.
Apologies: Derek Scott, Roy Lang, Co. Margaret Morgan, Isabel Rutter, John Kinloch, Colin
Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Marion and seconded by Alex.
Chairman’s Report:
Firstly, welcome to the Community Council AGM and thank you for taking the time to
attend. As I say at each AGM; the meeting follows a precise format laid down the scheme
for Community Councils and our Constitution. The agenda follows that format.
I hope most of you had our newsletter delivered to your homes. We try to issue this prior to
the public meetings as a reminder of the AGM date. Having said that as the newsletter was
issued a couple of weeks ago, I have little more to add by way of my report.
One matter that I can report progress on is I have this week signed a cheque for £12,037.
This comprises the Linn ward and Windpark Trust grants for play equipment for older
children at the far end of the park. This funding will form part of a substantial
redevelopment of the play area and will also include outdoor gym equipment.
You will also see from the newsletter, we have been approached by the Nursery requesting
that we use some of our legal fund to support them. We will discuss this tonight, but it falls
outwith the agenda of the AGM, so after the AGM we will hold a short ad hoc meeting.
Appointment of members of committee as follows:
Position Appointed Proposed Seconded
Chairperson John Lawless Alex Tomney Marion Begg
Vice-chair Robert Cochrane Marion Begg Alex Tomney
Secretary Ashley Montague Alex Tomney John Lawless
Treasurer Derek Scott Robert Cochrane John Lawless
Planning contact Robert Cochrane Alex Tomney Marion Begg
Licensing contact John Lawless Marion Begg Alex Tomney
Area partnership lead
John Lawless Robert Cochrane Marion Begg
Area partnership sub
Marion Begg John Lawless Robert Cochrane
Finance: Accounts have been audited by Jim Hamilton.
Balance of bank 31/8/18; £2,896.34
GCC Newsletter grant £200.00
GCC admin grant £441.42
GCC newsletter grant £200.00
GCC Linn Area Committee grant £7,037.00
Windpark trust grant £5,000.00
Total Income £12,878.42
Heritage society poppy wreath £32.20
J.M Hamilton accounts audit £15.00
Carmunnock church Tommies silhouette £42.00
SCS newletter publishing £100.00
John lawless newsletter printing £85.00
GCC newletters grant refund £15.00
Hall committee room Jan-DEC £117.00
Newletter publishing SCS publishing £100.00
Newletter printing John Lawless £85.00
Newsletter grant refund £15.00
Total Expenditure £606.20
Balance at bank 1/09/2019 £15,168.56
Legal Expenses Fund £2,539.00
General Funds £12,629.56
Since the accounts have been audited, John has signed a check of £12,037 to go towards
the redevelopment of the park bringing the general funds to £592.56.
The next AGM will be in October 2020
Any Other Business:
 Cathkin Breas Road: Many residents of the village have complained that
the position of the Stewart Milne estate’s entrance/exit is dangerous. The
speed bump is ineffective, and the signage is lacking in clarity as to what
speed drivers should be doing. The community council protested strongly
the homes being built due to these concerns for safety. Two Carmunnock
residents attended the AGM in order to highlight their worries around
school children leaving the estate in order to get to school. With 4
accidents happening in the past three years in this area is it crucial as
many people complain to the Roads Department and write to our
appointed councillors in order to try and find possible improvements to
these dangers.
 Waterbank Farm: In 2009Waterbank Farm had their planning application
for a crushing plant refused. In April 2019 they reapplied for the planning
permission for the crushing plant which the community council put in our
objections and listed reasons in the May CCM minutes as to why residents
of the village may object individually. The planning permission has yet to
be granted.
 Lack of support: Many of the residents within Carmunnock have noted
their disapproval of Glasgow City Councils lack of attention towards
maintaining Carmunnock. Our local councillor agreed that Glasgow City
Council overlooks Carmunnock letting potholes grow, drainage go unfixed
for years and treat Carmunnock as an afterthought. John Lawless and Ken
McCready have written to the council outlining our disapproval of how
Carmunnock is treated. Co Morgan and Blockley have raised these
problems at council meetings as well on several occasions but they stress
that it takes as many people as possible to complain about individual
faults; blocked drains, overgrown bushes etc in order to get our voices
 Due to the reasons above the community council will be uploading
templates and advice on how to complain about certain problems within
the village. One major issue within the village is flooding which cannot be
reported on the MyGlasgowApp. This online advice will be able to guide
you on how to complain and to who.
 Nursery: The nursery had previously approached the community council in
order to help secure funding. They requested the community council
release the legal fund to them. At the AGM it was agreed that the Legal
fund would stay ring fenced.
 Marion Begg is interested in finding an old map of Carmunnock showing
the lane that leads from Kirk Road to Stuart Road in order to prove it is the
Councils responsibility to look after it.
 Ken McCready has been working for several years to try and get Kingspark
Secondary to be the catchment school for Carmunnock primary.
Unfortunately, all the councillors in the Education committee that he has
spoken to haven’t been able to offer any help.
 The community council is aware that many people within the village do
not have the time or may not know about community council meetings.
We are looking into devising a Carmunnock Census in order to find out
what people in the village like about the village and what ways we can
improve the village.