Minutes of CC Dec 2019

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council Meeting
Monday 2nd December 2019
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Roy Laing, Marion Begg, Robert Cochrane, Angus MacDonald, Derek Scott and one resident from the village.
Apologies: Ashley Montague and Councillor Margaret Morgan
Police Report: PC Scott Cooney and PC Chris McKeown in attendance. Although
Carmunnock has low crime levels residents should continue to keep windows and doors locked and be vigilant. The police advise residents should not hesitate to make contact if they see anything that arouses suspicion.
Scottish Water: Russell Lauder from Scottish Water Project Vesting Team in attendance to speak about various water related issues previously reported by CCC. Picketlaw Farm Road – water flooding onto Busby Road is being investigated. Scottish Water is responsible and a solution will be implemented. Craigsheen – water flowing down onto Busby Road is the responsibility of GCC. Carmunnock Road just before the entrance to the village – water coming up through the road and damaging the road surface. This is the responsibility of GCC and/or the landowner (GCC is the landowner).
Minutes of last meeting: AGM
Correspondence: The city council now put the information for Community Councils online at: https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=21056.
New nameplates to be erected for Bankhead Road and Busby Road.
Benches – GCC has no objection to new benches being installed to replace those that were removed with the recommendation that these be of metal as they are longer lasting and require less maintenance.
Finance: General Funds £942.56. Legal Expenses Fund £2539.00. Expenditure has been £85.00 for printing of last newsletter and £12037.00 to GCC for the new play equipment.
Planning and Licensing: No new applications.
Still awaiting a decision from SLC on the Bedrock reprocessing plant application.
Transport: No report
Linn Area Committee: All funds for this year have been allocated. Nothing more to report.
Newsletter: CCC agreed to publish its next newsletter in the spring of 2020.
AGM: The AGM was very poorly attended – only 7 members of the public attended. There was some discussion on how to improve on this.
AOCB: Alexander Warnock’s Trust – this trust owns land at Pedmyre. It appears GCC has taken over the trust’s responsibilities. CCC to seek more information on this.
Fly Tipping – builders rubble dumped on the pavement across from the Stuart Milne site. This was reported several weeks ago and Cllr Morgan supported the request for its removal but at time of this meeting it was still there. GCC and Cllr Morgan to be contacted again.
Fencing along Cathkin Road at the Low Green – this is in a parlous state and requires maintenance and painting – GCC to be contacted about this.
Crash barrier on pavement opposite Performance Tyres – this barrier is in a poor state of repair. It is questionable whether it is still needed. GCC to be approached regarding removal/repair/replacement.
Next meeting
13th January 2020 at 7pm in the Castlemilk Hall