Minutes of CC February 2020

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 3rd February 2020
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Robert Cochrane, Roy Laing, Ashley Montague, Councillor Margaret Morgan, Alex
Tomeny, Derek Scott, Marion Begg and Councillor Euan Blockley.
Apologies: Marion Begg (had to leave early)
Police Report: No police in attendance.
Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Marion and seconded by Roy.
Matters Arising: No matters arising not covered below.
The city council now put the information for the community councils
online at: https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=21056
The matters that are concerned with community councils are;
 Strengthening Glasgow’s Community Councils – Diversity Audit – Responses due by 31st January
2020 (updated 23.01.2020)
 Scottish Fire & Rescue – Local Fire & Rescue Plan for Glasgow Consultation – Closing Date 18th
March 2020
 2018 Planning Enforcement Charter – Condensed Version
 MCR Pathways
 Participation Requests
Direct Correspondence;
Royal Garden Party – Alex will put copies of the application form to attend the Royal Garden Party. If you
would like to nominate someone form a village organisation to attend, contact John for original copies of
application form.
National Planning Framework – Mass sent letter. No relevance to Carmunnock.
The accounts for February from Derek Scott are as follows;
Outgoings: Poppy donation £35
Auditors Fee £15
Newsletter £100
No incomings.
Legal Expenses Funds: £2539.00
General Funds: £13,064.56
Total Funds £15,603.56
In September 2019 £250 was transferred from Glasgow City Council. We are not fully sure what this
payment was for, although Councillor Morgan recalls the Council outlining a plan to give community
councils money at this time of year. Derek is going to investigate in order to find out exactly what this
money is for.
 Bedrock – We are still waiting for South Lanarkshire to make a decision on the panning application.
 Carnbooth – Although the planning application is showing as refused online, this has been over
turned but has not been updated online.
 There has been discussion of a planning application being put in for the field at Busby
Road/Pedmyre Lane. Roz, the horse who usually occupies the field is in the process of being moved
in anticipation for this planning application. According to the above mentioned horses owner,
Scottish water is meant to be doing works to fix the flooding in this area.
Roads and Lighting
 Lampposts within the village are needing repainted. Councillor Morgan has already chased this up
after seeing the state of some of the older lampposts and was informed there was no money for
these fixtures.
 The community council are continuing to push for the 20mph limit in Carmunnock to begin sooner
rather than later.
 The Community Council and the members individually will continue to report problems we see or
are informed of. You are advised to report and issues with the roads or lighting in Carmunnock
online through the Glasgow City Council website or through your ‘My Glasgow’ App. The more we
report the higher the chance of the problem being fixed quickly.
Transport; Jim wasn’t in attendance.
Linn Area Committee
 The next meeting is the 13th of February which John will attend
 The community council will be applying for a grant to fund a defibulator for the village.
 John has applied for the grant to pay for the prep/printing of the newsletter.
 The newsletter will be distributed in May and the deadlines will be advised in the next community
council meeting.
 Robert has been looking into the 29acres that was left to Carmunnock by the Alexander Warnock
Trust in the 1980’s. He has found that in 2010 the Finance department of Glasgow City Council was
in charge of the Warnock Trust, however Robert has not had a reply to his enquiry and will continue
to chase the issue. Councillor Blockley and Morgan will also look into this.
 Although Pedmyre Lane has been classed as a core pathway by Glasgow City Council they refuse to
take responsibility for the upkeep of the lane.
 Robert is attending the Otago Lane Corporation Society meeting on Thursday 6th of February to
discuss planning gripes with other community council members.
 Councillor Blockley is continuing to chase up who is responsible for the condition of the lane leading
to Stuart Road.
 The Carmunnock Litter Pick will take place on the 28th of March. More details will be available on
next month’s minutes.
 The ongoing problem of knowing when to put certain bins out continues to annoy residents.
Although there is now a copy on Carmunnock Facebook, many residents are not able to view these.
Printed copies should be distributed by the council soon.
 Although John and Councillor Morgan requested a ‘deer’ warning sing for Carmunnock road, the
council placed one on Cathkin Road. They have been informed of this mistake.
 Some members of the community council have filled out the Diversity Assessment sent out from
the council. This is so Glasgow Council can see how diverse community councils are.
 John has filled out and will send of the annual self-assessment form community councils must fill
out outlining responsibilities of community councils.
 By the end of February there will be a survey going through residents of Carmunnock doors. This is
a joint project between many village organisations in order to find out what residents like about
Carmunnock. There are incentives for filling out and returning these surveys which will be outlined
on the surveys themselves. The community council agreed, if asked, to put £20 towards these
Next meeting 2nd March 2020
7pm in the Castlemilk Hall.

Royal Garden Party at Palace of Holyroodhouse 2020

The Lord Lieutenant has been asked by the Lord Chamberlain to submit the names of people who would wish to be invited to a Garden Party to be hosted by Her Majesty The Queen at the Palace of Holyroodhouse on Wednesday 1 July 2020.

We have included a template privacy notice and some notes from our Information Assurance Team which we hope will be useful in light of the changes to General Data Protection Regulations this year.

Please note the following criteria:

1) It is the Queen’s wish that nominees should NOT have attended a previous Garden Party, as it should be a “once in a lifetime event”

2) Priority will be given to those who LIVE in Glasgow.

3) It is the responsibility of guests to make their OWN travel arrangements.

The Palace encourages single guests to be accompanied, should they wish. The “accompanying person” section of the form should be completed to include details of a companion, friend or relative. Disabled or elderly guests who cannot travel unaided must be accompanied. The accompanying person must be aged 18 years or over and their details must be provided on the attached form in the section headed “accompanying person”.

Each of your nominees may be accompanied by their partner and up to 2 children/stepchildren who must be aged between 18-25 years inclusive on the day of the Garden Party – their age must also be included on the enclosed form.

Should you wish to nominate anyone, please complete the attached form and return it by 14 February 2020. Faxed forms will NOT be considered.

Please return no more than four forms and the number of people nominated should not exceed 12 people.

Please also note that further nominations are not possible at a future date and that late nominations will NOT be considered.

Finally, if more nominations are received than there are places available names will be balloted.

City Chambers, Glasgow G2 1DU Telephone: 0141 287 4001 / 4201 Facsimile: 0141 287 0127 / 4747

Because of difficulties in past years, I must emphasise the following:

a) late nominations will not be considered

b) if more nominations are received than there are places available, names will be balloted

c) faxed forms will not be considered Yours sincerely

Catriona Innes

Clerk of the Lieutenancy


For Application form, please contact one of the below. Note closing date for return of form is 14th Feb 2020

John Lawless:


Tel 07976284783

Councillor Euan Blockley

Mobile 07747 118722


Councillor Margaret Morgan

mobile 07747 118719