Minutes of CC for January 2020

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 13h January 2020
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Councillor Euan Blockley, Councillor Margaret Morgan, Ashley Montague, Alex Tomeny, Roy
Laing, Marion Begg, and the representatives from the Police Force (PC Doherty).
Apologies: Derek Scott, Robert Cochrane and Councillor Cunning.
Police Report: There has been a couple of cases of fraud within the village as well as one attempt break.
Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Roy and seconded by Marion.
The city council now put the information for the community councils online at:
The matters that are concerned with community councils are;
 Community Council Annual General Meetings 2019 – Outstanding Paperwork
 2018 Planning Enforcement Charter – Condensed Version
 Strengthening Glasgow’s Community Councils – Diversity Audit – Responses due by 31st January
 Scottish Fire & Rescue – Local Fire & Rescue Plan for Glasgow Consultation – Closing Date 18th March
 MCR Pathways
 Participation Requests
John also received correspondence from Glasgow City Council claiming that Pedmyre Lane is privately owned thus
they will not be in charge of tidying it up. Robert is going to look further into this.
Finance: No income has been received nor any outgoings. Current balances are as of 6th January;
General Funds £ 942.56
Legal Expenses Fund £2539.00
Planning and Licensing: Robert wasn’t present.
Roads and Lighting: Councillor Blockley is going to look into the different cases of flooding within the village and try
push for solutions from the council.
Transport: Jim wasn’t present.
Linn Area Committee: John attended the last meeting and complained about the size and positions of the new bins.
Councillor Blockley informed the community council that he complained about the bins when they were being
 Councillor Blockley has been onto the council about getting a new sign for Picketlaw Farm Road.
 Councillor Blockley managed to get the new bin collection rotas updated and informed the community council
that the 3 weekly bin collections have been pushed back.
 Roy noticed that there is no sign for Carmunnock when entering from the Cathkin Breas.
 Councillor Morgan highlighted her troubles in accessing the hall the hour before Community Council Meeting
began. This matter has been resolved.
 Marion has been looking into getting a defibulator for the village. John is going to look into getting a grant of
£1395 to cover the cost of one.
Next meeting
3rd February 7pm