Minutes of CC January 2019

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 7th January 2019
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Jim McCreadie, Ashley Montague, Derek Scott, Alex Tomeny, Roy Laing, Marion Begg,
Robert Cochrane and the representatives from the Police Force (PC Gavin and PC Doherty).
Apologies: Councillor Euan Blockley and Angus MacDonald.

Police Report: No reports of assaults, drug related crime or road traffic reports.

Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Robert and seconded by Marion.

The city council now put the information for the community councils online at:
1. The matters that are concerned with community councils are;
 Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 – Extension of Process for the Notification of Applications for
Temporary Public Entertainment Licences for Certain Events in the City’s Parks
 Community Council Development Session – 2019 Dates Proposed
 Give us Your Views on the Future of Health and Social Care Services in Glasgow – Consultation Closes
25th January 2019
 Green Infrastructure Fund – Round 3 Now Open – Closing Date For Applications – 28th January 2019
 Consultation Invite – Glasgow Strategic Development Frameworks – River Clyde & Govan-Partick –
Deadline 8th February 2019
 Universal Credit – Glasgow Roll Out – Information and Advice for Information and Circulation
 Uncovering the Environment – Project at the University of Dundee
 Community Council Information Pack – Opening of New Pharmacies
 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Guidance for Community Councils
 Requests for Community Council Minutes and Accounts
 Participation Requests
 Factsheets 2017 and 2011 Census Profiles for Wards – Reposted 24th May 2017
John also received correspondence from ……. Raising awareness of fracking proposals in Scotland as well as
outlining their disapproval of the two nuclear reactors that are situated on the Clyde. No further action will
be taken in regard to this letter.

 No income has been received nor any outgoings.
 Current balances are as of 7th January;
General Funds £268.14.
Legal Expenses Fund £2539.00.

Planning and Licensing.
 Planning: 2 New applications on Kirk Road which the community council has no objection with.
 Robert was informed by a Carmunnock Resident that the council had not given out the right
information on how to complain in regard to building proposals. He informed them of the correct

Roads and Lighting
 The light at the bottom of Bankhead Road is still not working even after workmen have been out to
look at it.
 John has been in contact with the Council regarding implementing the 20mph zone in Carmunnock.
All the contact names he had were unavailable but will try again next month to find out more
 The crash barrier opposite the garage has become damaged and rotten. After discussing if it was still
needed, we agreed that it was, and John will let the council know of its condition.
 John has got pictures of the amount of pavement lost to hedges on busby road. He had send these
to the council.
 Derek spoke to the Estate agency and Project Manager about clearing the road at the Stuart Milne
Development. The road is now clear, and the water levels have dramatically reduced.
 John is continuing to inform residents if their hedges have become overgrown, requesting them to
cut them back.

 Jim has received no complaints and says the busses have been running on time.
 He also noted that there has been more single decker bushes, which he had requested before but
was informed that this was due to other buses being broke down.

Linn Area Committee
 A meeting was scheduled for the 10th of January at the park in order to discuss with Glasgow City
Council members on how to move further with the funding application for the park.
 Derek is going to get in contact with other groups within the village in order to apply for more
funding for the village.
 It was agreed that he newsletter will be produced in Spring.
 The Carmunnock Clean Up will be on the 27th of April. Hopefully this time of year will allow for a
larger turnout.
 Robert is going to look into OpenReach to see who is able to get high speed broadband.
 John is going to contact the council regarding the wooden fence that is off at the low green.
 One case of fly tipping at Pedmyre Lane, John reported this.

Next meeting
4th February 7pm