Minutes of CC March 2018

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council Meeting 05.03.2018

Castlemilk Hall 7pm

Present: John Lawless, Jim McCreadie, Alex Tomeny, Roy Laing, Robert Cochrane Apologies: Derek Scott, Marion Begg, Angus Macdonald, Ashley Montague, Margaret Muirhead Also present: Cllr Margaret Morgan, Cllr Euan Blockley

Notes and Actions Owner

Police Report:No police present

Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by Roy Laing, seconded by Alex Tomeney

Matters Arising (not covered below)

No matters arising


1.Communication from GCC – this is now posted online at


2.Nomination form for someone to sit on the Glasgow City Council Wellbeing, Empowerment, Community and Citizen Engagement Committee

3.Revised Scheme for Community Councils

Treasurer’s Report Only one transaction, which is the £200 grant from GCC for our newsletter. Funds are relatively robust at the moment – Legal Expenses Fund £2539.00 – General Funds £720.84

Roads and Lighting Awaiting a date for the meeting with LES about the proposed 20mph scheme. Planning  Application for a side extension at 28 Parklee Drive. Noted with no comment required.  Carnbooth – a concern from a member of the public was received via the CCC website which was responded to – details on the website. CCC supports all local businesses which bring benefit to the local community provided that they have the necessary regulatory consent for their activities and do not cause a public nuisance.


Response from First Bus still does not address the concerns about disruption to the 31 bus service during inclement weather. In particular there did not seem to be a satisfactory response from First Bus to the suggestion that if the bus has to go along the by-pass it could come up to Carmunnock first, turn then go back down to Castlemilk and continue along the bypass. Agreed that a letter to Transport Scotland should be a next step. Robert

Linn Area Committee

Next meeting is on the 12th April. Applications for funding should be lodged by 1st April.

Wind Park Trust Grants

No discussion Access to park/path Concerns regarding the dumping of rubbish and vegetation growth on the public footpath alongside the recreation ground. The Heritage Society strim the path once a year but this was not done last year. Cllr Morgan highlighted increased funding for DRS to pursue enforcement which may help. Gala Committee Request The Gala Committee has made a request to CCC for funding with the suggestion that the money could come from CCC’s legal expenses fund. The legal expenses fund was established with donations from a large number of village residents for a specific purpose – to seek legal advice and pursue legal action with regard to any development deemed detrimental to the village. It was not considered appropriate to use the money for any other purpose. Funding for events such as the gala would be available from the Linn Area Committee. (see item above)

Newsletter Contributions for the next newsletter should be submitted to Isobel Rutter by the end of April. AOB  Dumping at Pedmyre – tyres and other refuse recently had to be removed. This continues to be a problem. The possibility of a CCTV camera to monitor the site was again discussed. Cllr Morgan agreed to investigate this and other action to discourage future fly tipping with LES.  Hedges – hedges and other vegetation from private gardens is still obstructing footpaths at a number of locations around the village – this despite a previous plea from CCC to residents for action on this. It was agreed that CCC will write to individual property owners asking for them to take action.  Recycling bins have been left on the street outside the Castlemilk Hall. This is unsightly and has been attracting other rubbish. Castlemilk Hall Committee to be contacted to seek a solution.  Our Councillors wished to remind residents of their surgery times in Carmunnock. Cllr Margaret Morgan – first Monday of every month at 6pm in the Castlemilk Hall. Cllr Euan Blockley – third Monday of every month at 7pm in Carmunnock Primary School. Cllr Morgan John John

Date of next meeting: Monday 9th April 2018 in the Castlemilk Hall, at 7pm.

Members of the public may attend.