Minutes of CC March 2019

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council
Monday 4th March 2019
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Derek Scott, Jim McCreadie, Alex Tomeny, Roy Laing, Angus MacDonald, , Councillor
Margaret Morgan and PC MacIntyre.
Apologies: Councillor Blockley, Robert Cochrane, Marion Begg, Ashley Montague
Police Report: No reported crime. PC MacIntyre could not provide an update on the previously reported
attempted break-in, but would provide information to the Chairman. Speeding motorcycles on the bypass
was mentioned; PC MacIntyre will feed this back.
Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Derek and seconded by Gus
Members of the Public. Two parties attended. The first issue raised was the closing of Cathkin Road. The
Chairman noted that the Council had the legal right to do it, however it was agreed by the Council that other
less disruptive options should have been considered. This point was made to Councillor Morgan and Derek
agreed to discuss this matter with the site manager.
The second issue was a tree overgrowing Busby Road at Laura’s/Pharmacy. It was felt that if any of the
larger branches snapped off this could cause structural damage or injuries. Approaches had been made to
the landowner, but no remedial action taken. The Council agreed to support this request and will make an
approach. The Chairman asked Councillor Morgan if she could request Jack Devine to look into this.
The city council now put the information for the community councils online at:
1. The matters that are concerned with community councils are;
Return of Signed Constitutions. – Ours has been registered and a copy returned
MCR Pathways
Phishing / Scam Emails
Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 – Extension of Process for the Notification of Applications for
Temporary Public Entertainment Licences for Certain Events in the City’s Parks
Public Petitions Review – Respond By 8th March 2019
Licensing Board’s – Gambling Policy Consultation – Respond by 8th March 2019
A New Regional Transport Strategy for Strathclyde – Briefing and Opportunity to Comment – Respond by
15th March 2019
 We had received our City Council admin grant of £441.42.
 Current balances are as of 4th March;
General Funds £709.56.
Legal Expenses Fund £2539.00.
Planning and Licensing.
Nothing to report
Roads and Lighting
 The light remained out in Bankhead Road, Broken drain in Bankhead had also been reported
 Council have yet to acknowledge responsibility to trim foliage at Busby Road traffic calming
 A resident in Cameron Crescent had reported a drain. The Council stated that the road was
unadopted. A check at the meeting confirmed that Crescent had been fully adopted and the
Council should be told this.
 Generally the buses has been running reasonably well, although occasionally, some services did not
appear. The age of the 31 Fleet was mentioned, some of them were around 18 years old.
Linn Area Committee
 We have been successful in obtaining the maximum £7037.00 grant. This more than matched the
£5000 granted by the Windpark Trust. Pete Miller from the Council was in the process of drawing up
a proposed design for the play area. Marion, Ashley and John will have a further meeting when draft
design is ready.
 The newsletter will be produced in May. Contributors should submit their inputs before the end of
April. The aim is for the Newsletter to be distributed early May to publicize the Public Meeting.
 The Public Meeting will be held in the third week of May, all welcome.
 The Carmunnock Clean Up will be on the 27th of April. Hopefully this time of year will allow for a
larger turnout. We will look to publicize when more details are known.
Next meeting
1st April 7pm