Minutes of Cc Oct 7th 2019

Minutes of Carmunnock Community CouncilMeeting
Monday 7th October 2019
Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm
Present: John Lawless, Ashley Montague, Jim McCreadie, Roy Laing, Marion Begg, Robert Cochrane,
Councillor Euan Blockely, Alex Tomeny and one resident from the village.
Apologies: Derek Scott and Councillor Margaret Morgan
Police Report: PC Scott Cooney attended the CCM and reported 2 bikes had been stolen as well as a farm
building being broken into. The bikes have been returned to the owners. John informed PC Cooney of safes
that had been broken into and dumped on Carmunnock Road. PC Cooney wants to reiterate that although
Carmunnock has low crime levels that the residents must continue to keep windows and doors locked
especially at this time of year.
Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Robert and seconded by Alex.
The city council now put the information for the community councils online at:
1. The matters that are concerned with community councils are;
 Community Council Annual General Meetings – October 2019 – Including Preparation of
Independently Examined Accounts
 2018 Planning Enforcement Charter – Condensed Version
 Statutory Register of Common Good Property – Consultation – Closing Date for Responses – 27th
October 2019
 George Square: Is it time for change? Initial Responses to Conversation Period by 30th October 2019
 Consultation on draft Crown Estate Scotland 2020-23 Corporate Plan – Closing Date For Responses –
25th November 2019
 MCR Pathways
 Participation Requests
 Unfortuanatly Derek was unable to attend the October Community Council Meeting so we didn’t get
the monthly statement. However, the final accounts will be available at the AGM.
 Current balances as of 2nd September;
General Funds £12,629.56.
Legal Expenses Fund £2,539.00.
Total Funds £15,168.56
Planning and Licensing.
 There have been two new requests to the planning department one regarding an extension and
another a conversion of a home into two flats. The community council sees no reason to make
comment on these proposals.
 One resident has had their planning application for Dorma windows rejected but with no objections
from residents in the area or the community council they will appeal the decision.
 Pete Millar emailed John regarding who to invoice for the park. The starting stages of the instalation
will begin shortly.
 There is no new information regarding Carnbooth or Bedrock.
Roads and Lighting
 One resident of Carmunnock came to the meeting to highlight their frustrations at Glasgow Council
at the lack of response to flooding and overgrown bushes within the village. The community council
agreed that the state of the village in regards to the council’s responsibility is appalling. Both Co
Morgan and Co Blockly have been pushing the council to do more however their requests have been
as ignored as what the residents have been. Robert advised letter should be sent to the Chief
executive in order to sort the high volume of flooding drains and overgrown shrubbery within the
village. Robrt is going to create a list of complaints for Co Blockely to address the chief exeutive with.
 Alex brought up the speed in which vehicles pass the new Stuart Milne homes at the top of the
village. He suggests the speed bump is insufficient in slowing drivers down and lack of correct
signage doesn’t help.
 Jim reported that the buses are running alright when they turn up on time although they are
averaging at 16 years old. He states that all the residents can do is complain to FirstBus at the
age/state of the buses on the 31 route in order to change this.
Linn Area Committee
 John attended the LAC meeting and raised the concern about the state of the roads in the village.
 The residents of the village should have received their newsletter by now, if not you can let one of the
Community Council members know and they can drop one off to you.
 The AGM will be held on the 24nd of October, all welcome.
 As councillor Morgan wasn’t able to attend the CCM there was no update on her looking into getting
the bench at the cross reinstalled. However, a resident of Carmunnock contacted the Community
council in regard to placing a memorial bench at the bottom of Cathkin road, which the council have
no problem with.
 Although Robert and Derek offered to visit the Nursery to find ways of cost cutting, they have not
heard from the nursery in regards to a visit.
 John, Marion and Alex attended the Community Council Reception held by Glasgow Council. They
reported it was unorganised offering no name badges and no sign in. Aswell as this nobody they
spoke to at the reception had heard of Carmnnock.
 The community council would like to thank Lee Hanlan for 22 years of working with community
Next meeting
24th October 7pm