Minutes of CC Sept 2018

Minutes of Carmunnock Community Council 
Monday 3rd September 2018 

Castlemilk Hall 7.00pm 

Present: John Lawless, Jim McCreadie, Ashley Montague, Alex Tomeny, Roy Laing, Marion Begg and the representatives from the Police Force (Mary MacIntyre and Derek Coil). 

Apologies: Councillor Margaret Morgan, Derek Scott, Margaret Muirhead and Robert Cochrane. 

Police Report: No reports of assaults, drug related crime or road traffic reports.  

Minutes of last meeting: proposed by Alex and seconded by Marion. 

Matters Arising: Since Alex reported that the CCC has received a twinning request from the village of Trebsen (pop. 4000) in Germany we have not had any correspondence thus far so are waiting for a response. Cllr Morgan has agreed to investigate how to take this matter forward. .  

The city council now put the information for the community councils online at: https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=21056 

  1. The matters that are concerned with community councils are;  

  • Community Council Development Session – POSTPONED 

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Guidance for Community Councils 

  • Community Council Elections 2018 – Closing Date For Nominations – Thursday 20th September 2018 

  • Requests for Community Council Minutes and Accounts 

  • Formal Public Consultation of the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils (2018) – 2nd Phase, 16 Week Public Representations to Scheme Amendments – Respond by Friday 28th September 2018 

  • Licensing Board Consultation Drop In Engagement Sessions – Various Dates from 10th September 2018 – 17th September 2018 

  • Democracy Matters Conversation: People to have their say on Scotland’s Public Services – Deadline for Applications – Friday 14th September 2018 

  • Making Places Initiative Fund/Place Standards Conversations Fund – Apply by 28th September 2018/31st October 2018 

  • Uncovering the Environment – Project at the University of Dundee 

  • Airspace Consultation Update – August 2018 

  • Community Council Information Pack – Opening of New Pharmacies 

  • Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute 11th November 2018 

  • Participation Requests – Reposted 27th April 2018 

  • Factsheets 2017 and 2011 Census Profiles for Wards – Reposted 24th May 2017 

Finance: No income has been received nor any outgoings.  

Current balances are as of 1st September;  

General Funds £357.34.  

Legal Expenses Fund £2539.00. 

Planning and Licensing 

  • Planning: New application – 11 Cameron Crescent was granted permission for rear extension in 2017 but has applied for the addition of 2 velux windows to the front elevation for extra light. The velux windows break the uniformity of the houses when viewed from the front and this will be commented to the planning department.  

  • Planning: Existing application – Carnbooth Extension has reduced the scale and height of the requested extension, and materials and finishes will respect those of the original building. A large number of protected trees will need to be felled but new planting will replace most of these. 

  • Carnbooth flats: Robert sought to find out the full text of the decisions and reasons behind the LRB granting the application but was refused by the council until conditions had been agreed by the applicants. He has sought advice from Planning Aid Scotland for options to challenge the decision andhas found we can get free legal advice from a QC but not until the decisions and reasons are made public.  

Roads and Lighting  

  • One case of fly tipping but was collected promptly by GCC.  


  • Jim has reported that buses coming to Carmunnock from Glasgow Centre seem to be running late and two of which buses are known to have broken down on route.  


  • Marion, Ashley and John are pursuing with getting new equipment for the park.   

  • One Carmunnock resident attended the meeting in order to highlight the danger caused by the overgrown bushes at the chicane on busby road. John is going to continue to post letters through doors of homes where their bushes/hedges are overgrown and will contact the council regarding the hedges at the chicane.   

Next meeting 

1st of October 2018 at 7:00.