Community Council letter of objection to private development on “Horse Field”

Carmunnock Community Council
Bankhead Road
Glasgow G76 9BW
27th February 2021
Objection to Planning Application 21/00397/FUL | Erection of 4 no. detached dwellinghouses with detached garages – potentially contrary to City Development Plan policy CDP 6: ‘Green Belt and Green Network’ | Site Between 48 – 66 Busby Road Glasgow on behalf of Carmunnock Community Council
This is essentially the same as the previous application from February 2020 which was refused in April 2020. Carmunnock Community Council objects to this application for the same reasons as it objected last time.

  1. The site known as The Horse Field is currently in agricultural use (equestrian grazing) and has never been used for anything else. There is little land within Glasgow which is still in active agricultural use. Two agricultural fields to the North East of Carmunnock recently lost their Green Belt designation and are now the site of a modern housing development. Granting this application would further decrease diversity of land use and the amount of land in active agricultural use within Glasgow City.
  2. The field is a recognised area of significance for nature conservation both locally and city wide.
  3. The site is entirely in the Green Belt. The last green belt review rejected this field as a site suitable for housing and confirmed its status as green belt land.
  4. The current Development Plan has this site zoned as Green Belt with a presumption against housing development. There are no material considerations which would alter this.
  5. The field is part of a green corridor which continues round the back of the houses in Bankhead Road. The land here is owned by local residents in order to protect it from development. The green corridor continues over the Carmunnock Coppice Woodland and adjoins land owned by the Warnock trust and Glasgow City Council at Pedmyre. It stretches over to the Cathkin Braes Country Park in one direction and towards the Carmunnock Bypass and land at Mid Netherton in the other. In the other direction the green corridor continues across Busby Road up Craigsheen to the Recreation Ground and The Glebe. This site thus plays a valuable landscape role within Carmunnock as it is a central part of an extensive green network.
  6. The field enhances the character, landscape setting and identity of Carmunnock which is itself a Conservation Village.
  7. Green belt policy should protect land used for farming and agricultural use in Glasgow City.
  8. Development would result in loss of hedgerows trees and open space.
  9. The site performs a valuable landscape role in Carmunnock village. There are a number of open spaces which are vital and integral to the identity of Carmunnock . There is the High Green, The Low Green, The Recreation Ground (these are owned by Glasgow City Council), The Glebe (owned by Carmunnock Heritage Society, the field behind Bankhead Road (jointly owned by Bankhead Road residents) and the site which is the subject of this application known locally as The Horse Field (privately owned). The character of Carmunnock village relies in large part on the number of open spaces within the village of which this field has
    always been an important one. These open spaces are interspersed with areas of housing and tie the village to the surrounding landscape. This would be compromised were there to be any building on the site. Carmunnock Community Council is committed to protecting all these open spaces.
  10. Carmunnock Community Council does not oppose all development. This site however – The Horse Field is iconic and special in the village and we will do everything in our power to ensure that it remains as open space.
    Robert Cochrane, Vice-Chair (Planning) Carmunnock Community Council