Letter to Transport Scotland. 31 Bus

Carmunnock Community Council

C/O 1 Bankhead Road

Carmunnock G76 9BZ

Tel: 0141 644 4138


Transport Scotland

Buchanan House

58 Port Dundas Road

Glasgow G4 0HF

19th March 2018

Dear Sirs

Concerns Regarding 31 Bus Service Glasgow

At the Carmunnock Community Council meeting on 5th March 2018 we discussed a response from Firstbus Glasgow to our complaint about its failure to keep the service running through Carmunnock during the 2 recent spells of snowy weather. I have enclosed copies for your information. Our feeling was that Firstbus, after suspending the service due to adverse weather, was then too slow to reinstate it when the weather improved. On some occasions even although the road up to Carmunnock was clear, the 31 bus was routed along the by- pass when it could have come up to the village where there is a large turning area, before continuing its journey along the by-pass. This may be required if the road from Carmunnock onward to East Kilbide is not cleared but there were certainly several days when Carmunnock was deprived of a bus service when the roads were clear.

Information about whether the service was running or not was also hard to access. The buses used on the route are the oldest in the fleet and are not equipped with GPS so cannot be tracked. The Firstbus website is either inaccessible or not up to date. In any case many elderly people do not have internet access. The only reliable way to find out if the bus was running or not was to go to the bus stop and wait.

The reason this is important is that there are many elderly and other people living in Carmunnok who do not own cars and who depend on the bus to get to important appointments and to shop for food and other essentials. I am drawing this to your attention as part of a national plan for adverse weather as a more flexible and responsive approach in future may result in less disruption to services, particularly for folk who have no alternative.

Yours faithfully

Robert Cochrane

Carmunnock Community Council